Is Huel good for lowering Cortisol?

I did a search in the forums and found general information, but I did not see any testimonial type info on lowering Cortisol.After having started Huel (and flippin loving it!) I decided to start reading up on nutrition.

Per my last blood test, my doctor said my testosterone levels are fine, but I had most of the symptoms associated with low testosterone.

I stumbled upon how cortisol can block testosterone’s positive effects and I wondered how Huel might affect this. For those of you who have been using Huel and are aware of your cortisol levels, have you seen any any change that may be related to Huel?

There’s no evidence that Huel will affect cortisol. Cortisol is most often linked to stress rather than diet. Obviously during a pandemic this isn’t ideal but see if you can work out what your points of stress are e.g. your job or home life and work on improving them and putting in time to relax.

Heya and welcome!

Not sure on direct effects but for me, huel has helped me to exercise more and for longer. Aerobic exercise is well proved as a method of lowering Adrenalin and Cortisol levels.

As I starting using huel I gained in energy levels and lost in weight which has created a virtuous circle of generally lower levels of stress by allowing me to exercise more. Hope that’s useful. Best of luck!


I vaguely remember seeing something about lycopene’s effect on cortisol. Can’t remember what effect though. I may be completely wrong, of course!

There have been some people shouting about this. The evidence is a little shaky and at the amounts that beneficial effects have been shown is at higher doses than the amount of lycopene in Huel.