Is Huel low FODMAP?

Couldn’t find any mention of it on the site. In particular the pea protein, since peas are supposed to be high FODMAP

Couldn’t see anything else in the ingredients that would be high FODMAP, but I may have missed something.

Hi @heyitsroth

FODMAP diet is not something I’m a fan of: not because it isn’t relative to some people; just that these are few and it’s often used out of context.

The reason that peas are high FODMAP, is that they contain short chain saccharides. But, as we’ve extracted and used just the protein, it’s not an issue for Huel.

Most carbs and fibres in Huel are polysaccarides (with a small amount of monosaccharides); thus there are no significant potential irritents.

So can I just confirm - Huel is low-FODMAP, and is suitable for someone who has been recommended to try a low-FODMAP diet by a doctor?

In terms of the ingredients, Huel is low FODMAP

i’ve noticed that since v2 i have been having an increase in bowel issues. i hadnt realised why until i just went to order my next batch.
V2 switched from maltodextrin to xylitol.

still a reduced reaction compared to eating a traditional diet