Is Huel powder more a protein shake or meal replacement?

I have been told that the powder is a meal replacement. I purchased to support weight loss and grow muscle mass. Have I purchased the right stuff?

Hi @Andy2585 Huel is a nutritionally balanced food in powder form.

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Hey Andy,

I will tell you an analogy.

I want to go from Bath to Bristol, so I bought a car. Have I bought the right thing?

Yes, but you need a driver and then drive it.

Point is you could have bought a train ticket or a bus ticket instead, too. All three options work.

I am not trying to mock you, but pointing out that yes, while Huel is great to be used with this goal; ain’t no magic powder.

You will still have to have a rough idea of how many calories you consume, I would focus a little on consuming 1.2-2.2g/kg of bodyweight of protein, be on a caloric deficit etc.

On top of that, losing weight and growing muscle mass it is no easy thing to do, depending on your starting position. If you have not exercise regularly before, then you will be able to use Huel effectively to support both objectives. However, always take into account that most of the times, growing muscle requires caloric surplus, while losing weight requires caloric deficit.

In short, yes, you have purchased the right stuff. As said, look at calories, replace some of your meals (the most unhealthy ones, or the most inconvenient ones with Huel). Another great meal to replace would be the one after your workout if you do not consume protein after exercising.

But the reason why Huel would be a great tool for your objectives is not the form, but the fact that it is a nutritionally complete food HIGH in protein.


This article will explain it best:

Let me know if you have anymore questions.


Great explanation.

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