Is huel tyramine-free

I need to eat tyramine-free food for few days (food containing tyramine causes a risk for high blood pressure). Is huel tyramine-free?

Acutally, I don’t need it to be tyramine-free, I only need to avoid food with high tyramine level. If it’s average or low, then it’s ok.

Huel contains coconut oil. Does that count?


I don’t know, I’m not an expert.

This might help

Looks like huel should be ok, one for @JamesCollier I think.

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Hi guys - this has come up before. Our lab can’t test for tyramine acurately as it’s a breakdown product of the amino acid tyrosine. My educated assumoption would be that Huel is not tyramine-free, but is low tyramine.

Sorry we’re unable to help accurately with this one.


Update - we found a US lab to test tyramine and the results have come back that there is a presence of tyramine in powdered Huel, but the amount is so low a value can’t be given.