Tyramine content in new formula?

Hey guys, just got my first order, a bag each of Vanilla and Chocolate Black Edition(Got 'em for the lower carb count, as I’m diabetic).

Being Diabetic, by the way, I’d advise monitoring blood glucose levels VERY CLOSELY for the first day. The carb count is deceptive, and liquid carbs ALWAYS hit hard.

With that out of the way, I have a friend with a very different dietary restriction: She’s on medications that raise a pretty severe sensitivity to Tyramine. She can have SOME in small amounts, which is encouraging, but I’m concerned about the Kombucha powder.

I know you guys tested it awhile back(presumably the old formula), and it was only trace levels.
Is there any intent to test the new formula? I’d REALLY love to be able to quantify this, and I’d bet that others would like to know, as well.

As for my impressions, I’m liking the stuff. I’m new to the liquid-diet thing going around, and I have a sweet tooth. I’d HIGHLY recommend adding a little granulated Monkfruit to sweeten if necessary, the stuff is natural, zero glycemic impact, dissolves quickly.
My most noteworthy observation was feeling full for a solid couple hours after sipping my first shake. Impressive.

I love what you guys are doing. I’m really hoping it can be opened up for other dietary restrictions. Please let me know if Tyramine testing is in the works for the current formula.

We’ve had the tyramine content of past versions of Huel measured and they were undetectable. However, we’ve not had v3.0 measured and I have no knowledge of tryamine in kombucha. We will get it tested. However, it may take a few weeks.


Thank you so much, James. I’ll keep an eye out for that testing. I’ve been showing Huel around, and people around me are excited. Helping my friend get a new dietary option(I hope, I hope) would be a MAJOR win.

Kudos to your team for the EXCELLENT communication with your clients; I am truly impressed, and this experience has become part of my pitch to friends/family/coworkers. Keep up the great work.


Did you ever find out what the tyramine content was for the latest version of Huel Black?