Is huel UK different to USA,?

I’m away for work in the USA and am approaching the end of my current bag. I was going to ask a colleague who is coming out soon if I could order a bag to him to bring out with him, thought it would probably be easier just to order in the USA straight to myself.

However, is Huel in the USA the same ingredients, basically the same product as in the UK? If I order a product that I usually enjoy when bought at home, is there a chance it may taste different from America?

Also, is it the same nutritional value etc?


sweeter flavour apparently - both powder and RTD - Nutrition looks the same

It should be fairly similar now with the formula being “globalized”. There might be some vitamin and mineral differences, because the RDAs are different.

As for the taste, some minimal variation could be expected, but nothing considerable for most.

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Going off recent feedback to the EU RTD that some UK customers are getting it sounds like there are significant taste/texture differences, for RTD at least.

not really significant - depends on your level of exaggeration/hysteria :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t be between UK and USA, since they the same

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I meant EU made Vs US made.

I’m very surprised @Phil_C might suggests forum users are being overly dramatic. Tsk lol.

outrageous right?


As people have said almost the same nutritional value, small differences in certain nutrients such potassium but nothing to write home about.

The flavours of the Powders are slightly different to match different taste preferences. The US tend to have sweeter flavours for example.

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I like the Bushmaster XM-15 flavour boost in the US. Not sure if it is available in UK.

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It’s too strong for my taste. Nearly took my head off.


Late response here, but I’m finding the flavours of black very similar if not the same. Service isn’t too bad either.