Is putting complete protein in the fridge overnight okay?

So I was reading the packaging on the complete protein tub (several months after buying it, like you do) and noticed the “drink within 30 minutes of preparing” line, with no note on refrigeration like the bags of powder do.

What have I been doing? Leaving them in the fridge overnight for a cold easy drink in the morning. Guess that’s wrong…? Or can I keep doing that? Nothing tastes off or anything, unless it’s an issue of the nutritional value going down.

hello - you questions were answered in this thread here

Ah okay, I did search for ‘protein fridge, protein refrigeration’ but not that.

Obviously have a read of that thread Phil has kindly linked to, but yes essentially with Complete Protein you shouldn’t leave it overnight as it won’t taste that nice. Is that what you’ve been doing? If you don’t think it tastes off then carry on! Nutrition will still be fine.

To be fair most times I make and drink it on the spot, but when I was putting it in the fridge overnight I was also mixing it with the usual powder. Guess that dampened any change in taste. Thanks for the explanation :+1: