Is this normal/is there any way to mitigate this feature of Huel?

I’ve recently begun using Huel. Following the advice of a few people on this forum, I obtained a large blender and worked to find a recipe I like - a bit of matcha, pineapple and strawberry tastes somewhat like crunchberry cereal - but there’s one aspect of Huel I’m having trouble getting past.

No matter how long I blend it for, I can feel the powder on my mouth, as though the Huel isn’t properly emulsifying. The taste is fine, but it feels almost like I’m drinking a smoothie with a bit of sand in it. Is this normal, or is there any way to mitigate this if so? I do enjoy the product, but it’s truly offputting.



Making Huel the night before is the way forward. Leaving it in the fridge for a few hours definitely improves the texture.


Wot Ben sed.

So I’m weird: I like the slight graininess…


Try summer fruits
I’ve found the following works for me
300m water
150grams summer fruit
3scoops Huel either flavour

I put fruits in the blender first 250m water then the huel
Blend for 30seconds and then add rest of water blend again then leave In the fridge overnight.

I’ll go one further and say I kind-of like the lumps :joy:

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