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Hi all,
I started my Huel journey yesterday, and have decided to keep track of my progress on here (when I remember).
I’m 6’2, and fairly sedentary (especially at the moment with lockdown), so I’m having 3x2 scoop servings of Huel per day, together with about a pint of semi-skimmed milk in hot drinks and fruit as snacks.

Wish me luck!

20/1 117.1Kg, 41% body fat, 32.8 BMI


No luck needed mate, this is easy.

You will do this with no problems at all.

Same height. All I did was figure out calories in to be less than calories out (known as CICO).

Calculate your current calorie needs via

And then eat less than that.

You’ll be cool but don’t go completely mad on the fruit, contains a load of sugar so whilst yes they have calories, from a personal health perspective they also affect blood sugar levels.

Personally, and I don’t know how true this is for others, but I find that Huel is very low sodium and so for my breakfast huel (black edition chocolate with couple of spoons of instant coffee whizzed in) I add a half teaspoon of table salt.

Just a thought.

Anyway you’ll be fine, you’ve totally got this.

Edit: typo.

Thanks for that!

I think the only thing that concerns me is if I start getting bored on the shakes. I’ve ordered three different flavours, so hopefully that will help.

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You could always order a pack of flavour boost samples with your next sub, then you would have even more choice. Good luck with the weight loss project :+1:

If you get bored you can also use UU and add anything you like - with this flavour it does not even have to be sweet. There are a lot of threads here with recommendations on what to add.

If you want to lose weight exercise would also be a good idea, or at least taking a walk every day - this is better than nothing and maybe it will also make you feel better overall.

I wish you success - hope you will reach your weight goal soon!

God I am so boring. Every morning the same… even Sundays…! Wake up, press-ups, sit-ups water 5km on bike huel as ok way I watch news…

Hmmm. No-one warned me about how ‘gassy’ I’d become! I guess that’ll pass soon enough.

I also knocked the drink on the head at the beginning of the year - I need to get out of the booze and crap food cycle once and for all!

the Huel farts have an almost legendary status when you start off, but yes, they will ease off once your stomach gets used to the new input :smiley:

I weighed myself this morning - see the results below. From now on, I’ll just be weighing myself once a week, at weekends.

I’m handling the shakes well. A couple of shots of coffee in a vanilla shake for breakfast tastes great!

20/1 117.1Kg, 41% body fat, 32.8 BMI
24/1 115.1Kg, 39.9% body fat, 32.2 BMI

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Weekly update:

20/1 117.1Kg, 41% body fat, 32.8 BMI
24/1 115.1Kg, 39.9% body fat, 32.2 BMI
30/1 114.0 Kg 35.2%, 31.9


Good steady progress mate :facepunch:t2:

Latest update:

20/1 117.1Kg, 32.8 BMI
24/1 115.1Kg, 32.2
30/1 114.0Kg 31.9
12/1 112.5Kg 31.5


Brilliant progress, keep it going! You must be pleased?

Assume this is 12/2?

Oh yes! My error.

I’m more than happy with this - I’ve a way to go to get a healthy BMI (just below 90kg), but I’ll get there… another 20 weeks at my current rate!

Still steadily losing it…

20/1 117.1Kg 32.8 BMI
24/1 115.1Kg 32.2
30/1 114.0Kg 31.9
12/2 112.5Kg 31.5
22/2 112.0Kg 31.3


The most important thing is discipline and tracking progress. I do that too, and it helps me stay motivated. Good luck to you!