It stats today inc. Blog

OK, it starts today, my Huel journey currently looking to the 3 scoops a day 3 times a day…

below is the link to my experience, the good the bad and Ugly… LOVE to you to follow and comment…


Day 2 Posted, with my stats and Day 1 review. Let me know what you think…

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Good stuff! Following keenly :slight_smile: I guess your 0.5KG loss may be water weight - Possibly from the lower sodium content of Huel compared to what you were having previously?

Yes, was thinking water too, interesting to see what tomorrows weight will be.

Thanks for following.

todays blog - some interesting measurements !!!

Did you ease into Huel or go 100% straight away?

This could explain feeling unwell

jumped in both feet…feel great now tho…this is my blog, read my day 4 weight and my day 3 review…


Toilet visits are understandable, jumping in 100% hits you that way. I had the same when I started. It wears off.

I wouldn’t worry about the weight gain, 300g is absolutely nothing. Likely just fluids varying.