I've Got Huel Coming Out of My Ears!

Not literally, obviously. That would be very strange, and would probably require urgent medical attention.

No, I just mean I consume a lot of Huel. I have a subscription of 8 bags a month, but even when eating evening meals on top of that, it’s still not quite enough for the month. Still, @Gulliver_Huel kindly sorted me out with some extra bags, so I’m all sorted.

I am pretty active, though, so I seem to burn a lot of it off. I swam a mile last night. Not in a river or anything mental like that. Just in a swimming pool. 90 lengths of an 18 meter swimming pool.


@Julian’s stockpile is getting ridiculous too…

The swimming sounds intense. I am an awful swimmer, never have enjoyed it, but because of my terrible technique I realise this would be an even better form of exercise for me. I would be so inefficient that it would be exhausting!


I first properly got into swimming as an exercise regime about 10 or so years ago. I remember going to a swimming pool one evening, and there was a session on called “Masters”. It was halfway between public lane swimming and swimming lessons. So it was like normal lane swimming but for really serious swimmers, and with an instructor there to encourage you to push yourself. He told me that you could be totally fit just from swimming, but you need to do it like every other day and push yourself. So I started going 3 times a week after work. At the time, I had a job where the hours were 8am-4pm, so I would leave work at 4pm, eat a banana for an energy boost, go swimming, then leave the pool at about 5pm when other people were finishing work.

But that instructor taught me the proper way to swim the crawl. Before that, my swimming style was probably pretty bad.

My fitness is definitely improving recently since I’ve got back into it and started pushing myself. I feel a bit high afterwards too, especially once I’ve had half a shaker of Huel on the walk back home. Endorphins!

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Hah, I get that swimming buzz too. I have to push for the first 20 or so laps of my local 25 yard pool but after that can start daydreaming and can keep on going as long as I need. By the time I get out of the pool my legs are often a bit wobbly but I still have that high.

There’s a pool quite close to my work so in my lunch break I can get there, change, do a quick 60-80 laps and be back within the hour.


Like a total bellend, last night I took my Huel in my swimming bag in a shaker with a flip top. When I got to the changing room it had opened and some of it had spilled out into the bag. It got on my towel and other things. Luckily, I was able to clean it up enough so that I could still use the towel after my swim. But lesson learned. Always use a bottle with a screw top when travelling with Huel.

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I keep my work Huel in the bottom drawer of my pedestal below my desk and there’s a layer of it that’s getting thicker and thicker.

Sometimes it does seem impossible to contain, no matter how careful you are.