Jack's Journey - Using Huel to replace breakfast or lunch

Bit of background for you -

I play futsal/football twice a week, gym 4/5 times a week and would consider myself fairly active. I have always struggled with weight/fitness but over the past 1.5 years I have seen huge improvements; largely due to dietary and nutritional changes. I weighed 98kg in January 2014, and now weight a slightly more respectable 82kg. I have dropped a lot of body fat and in general my strength has improved, going from a 50kg 1RM bench press to 80kg 1RM; and now able to complete a whole game of football without feeling like my lungs are in hell.

HOWEVER! I am a total foodie and unfortunately have a penchant for all foods wonderful/fattening/indulgent. I am not quite able to take my fat loss into the next dimension, and a large reason behind me seeing if Huel could work for me is if i can provide a decent nutritious meal for myself at low cost and minimum effort during my busy day, and then enjoy fairly healthy foods midweek and let loose a bit on weekends then I could transcend into the next level that I am after.

My plan is to use Huel to replace 1 meal per day, either breakfast or lunch, for 4/5 days of the week (most of the working week). A typical week would look like this -

Mon - Protein shake, Huel after gym, dinner
Tues - Protein shake, Huel after gym, dinner
Weds - Protein shake, sandwich, Huel
Thurs - Huel, sandwich, dinner
Fri - Protein shake, Huel, dinner

The thing is I love to cook and I wouldn’t ever want to replace solid food, however in a rush, after football late evenings etc I can see it being a good way to keep satiated and to keep from a frozen pizza or some other rushed and unhealthy dinner.

I receive my parcel today, complete with shaker and t shirt. The products look great, from a design point of view it’s a terrific looking brand! Seriously good design team at work here. Let’s hope it stands up to the test…

I had a 1 scoop taster (as I had already had a sandwich), and it was better than expected. I’ve had Hurricane MyProtein before which is quite oaty, so the texture although it had bits in was very smooth; didn’t get any lumps (although I will see how this goes when I have 3/4 scoops).

The overall taste was good. When I say good, I mean inoffensive, neutral without being bland, and had a very pleasant oaty/vanilla aftertaste. It was like a nice version of cold liquid porridge.

The only downside would be that some of the bits worked their way into gaps in my teeth, however this was resolved easily with a swish of water.

Tomorrow I’m off for a big lunch time gym session so will check back in with thoughts on a 3/4 scoop portion (probably accompanied by 2x tuna nigri from Wasabi as I just love those at the moment!)

Questions -
How much protein in a 3/4 scoop portion?
Can I mix my protein powder with it if there isn’t enough?
Best recipes for using as a flour?


Hi @Jack great to hear from you.

Sorry for the late reply.

Here are the answers:

  1. One level scoop is 38 grams, so in 75% of a scoop there is 28.5g of Huel. 30% of Huel is protein, and 30% of 28.5g is 8.55g of protein.

  2. There is 150g of protein in 2000 cals of Huel, which is plenty for everyone useless you are a professional bodybuilder. So there is no need to add more protein, but you can add protein powder if you like.

  3. You will find recipes here: http://huel.me/pages/how-to-use-huel for pancakes, cookies, and biscuits.

Hi Julian,

Thanks for that.

I’ve so far been using Huel for breakfast (1x scoop with 1x scoop of protein powder), and then again for lunch (same again).

I have a sandwich as well for lunch and then a regular meal in the evening.

I’ve lost around 3kg in 2 weeks which is great news, no energy deficiency, no lethargy and if anything more focus and drive in the gym. Resistance training 2/3 times a week, cardio 2/3 times a week, so pretty active, but Huel is definitely filling me up and giving me the right nutrients to aid fat loss and maintain muscle mass/growth.

I feel slimmer, I am really enjoying being full for a meal and as a result I am eating/gorging less in the evenings whilst still getting all the nutrients I need.

Absolutely fantastic product, can’t wait to order the 2nd load.

I’ll update again in a few more weeks.


That is brilliant news! Please keep that sort of feedback coming, it’s just what need to keep us going through the tough times. :smile:

Just to let you know I’m down to 77kg, 5kg in 4 weeks! Combined with 3x football sessions a week and 3 resistance training sessions.

Really, really, amazing product.

I have it solely for breakfast now, and then with lunch and a small chicken salad.

All the while cheating at weekends with beer, pizza, and whatever I fancy!


@jack thank you for the update, great news on the progress, congrats!

You use Huel pretty similar to me. Breakfast and lunch are Huel, traditional food family meal, then a snack of Huel in the evening. Then at the weekend eating out with friends, or a take away curry and beers. Still have Huel in the day time of course.

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Hi @Jack hope you don’t mind if I use some of your post on twitter/fb? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I made vegan pancakes with Huel in them as well they are great.