January Top Tips

Hey everyone,

We’ve published 3 new articles which you may find helpful if you’re starting on a new health journey for 2022, or you may just be interested to learn more!

Going to the gym is one of the top activities people take up in January, but we know so many stop after a couple of months. The trick is to start small, do something you enjoy and allow yourself some time off. You can’t do everything all the time.

“Cheat days” is such a common phrase and many people include them as part of a diet plan. But the phrasing is so problematic. Work out on what you want to achieve with your change in diet and focus on what it’s adding to your life, rather than what it’s restricting.

I’ll save you guys some time on this one. No, they’re not a good idea. In a similar way to going to the gym regularly, make small sustainable changes that you can keep up for 2022 and beyond.


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