(Japan) Order cancelled but not refunded [SOLVED]

On August 5th I started a Huel subscription, but as I was trying to figure out how to adjust the delivery schedule I accidentally created a duplicate of the first order, which was also charged. Very soon after, I got in touch with Huel asking to cancel the duplicated order and get a refund. The order was cancelled and they answered the refund could take a couple of days to be completed. The correct order was successfully received a couple of days later.

On August 9th I asked about the refund situation, they answered it was issued on August 6th and it would take 3 to 5 days to be completed.

On August 16th, with the order not yet refunded, I sent another message asking for the status of the refund and still haven’t gotten a reply. I tried sending a couple of other messages, yesterday and today, but still no reply. They were very quick to respond my first messages, so the delay to respond my later messages worries me.

I’d like to at least have my problem aknowledged and know that someone is looking into it.

UPDATE: Finally got a reply. They will investigate the problem. Will try to keep this updated for posterity.

FINAL UPDATE: My bank was the one at fault. Huel processed the refund exactly as they said, but the bank was taking too long to confirm my data, probably due to a recent change in address. Called them and now everything is fine.