Joylent Has Been Renamed Jimmy Joy

Yes, that’s right, Joylent has been renamed Jimmy Joy. I went looking for the Joylent website just because I was curious about the Twennybars when compared to Huel Bars. When I first saw the name change I thought, “Surely it’s a bit early for an April Fools joke?” But, no, this seems to be for real!


Weird choice for a new name. Did they pay someone with the brains of Katie Hopkins to come up with it.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Bit of a daft name

Slightly off-topic… Tried the new vanilla Twennybar recently. Wouldn’t recommend, it’s very laxative!

Apparently lots of customers have said they don’t like the new name, but the staff respond by saying they will love the name eventually.

It’s obvious they have no idea how this name sounds to a Brit. It sounds like the name of a very sinister after school children’s club run by a now deceased cigar smoking TV presenter…

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Second highest post of all time on /r/soylent is


This on their website kind of explains the reason for the change “So after a small dispute with our colleagues in the states we have decided to change our name”. By colleagues, I guess they mean Soylent.
Seeing as originally Soylent was named after Soy and Lentils, and looking at the ingredients of Jimmy Joy, it doesn’t seem to contain Lentils, the only part of the Joylent name they would be able to keep without legal problems would be the Joy bit.

Seeing as the novel that introduced Soylent to the world, “Make Room! Make Room!” had a strong birth control message, perhaps the “jimmy” part of the name is oddly apt.


What’s next? The makers of the Soylent Green film will force Soylent to change its name to Simon?

Well the film was different, in the book, Soylent is Soy-Lentil, in the film, “Soylent Green is people”

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This is correct. Somewhere on the subreddit, a worker at Jimmy Joy confirmed they’d had a dispute with Rosa Foods (makers of Soylent) but didn’t want to go into more details, presumably for legal reasons.

I eat those quite often. I was expecting a laxative effect, but I haven’t had any problems yet.

I was confused how they managed to get away with calling their company Joylent in the first place. Clearly company naming is not their strong point if they didn’t even have permission to use the first name and this is their next choice.

Just as well James Monte Maloney died 55 years ago or he’d have something to say on the matter too :stuck_out_tongue:

The company Formerly Known As Joylent is now Jimmy Joy as you say. However, and very possibly because of the near-universal criticism, they have now decided to give the powder its own name. It will soon(?) be known as Plenny Shake. So you won’t have to order “Jimmy Joy” powder, but Plenny Shake powder (maybe with a side of Twenny Bars).


That company is a branding disaster IMO. They stupidly never got permission to use the name Joylent, they have weird names for everything, they have a different name for their food bar, another for their powder now and the company is named to sound like a company which sells some dudes jizz.

They need to outsource all of their branding to someone else. Doing it internally seems to be a disaster for them.


To be fair, when they initially set up, they were EU-exclusive and Soylent were US-exclusive, so there would be no need to get permission to use the name. It just so happened they were far more successful than expected and expanded to the US, which is where the issue was. Had Soylent moved to the EU, they would have had no grounds to get Joylent to change their name, as their trademark wouldn’t apply here.

However everything else you say is spot on.


I think when it was first created, he made it just for himself, then his friends, then decided to sell it online. I remember seeing the website in the very early days, and it was very simple. He even had a disclaimer on there saying he’s not nutritionally qualified. So the whole thing was just casually thrown together rather than planned out.

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I think… It’s a terrible name…

Quite a displeasing name…

Legal issues or not, Joylent too was a poor choice of a name for a product; it’s like a total knock-off name, of Soylent. Not that Soylent per se was an original name by Rob Rhinehart, but at least it was in line with the nerdy image of the product he developed, and paid homage to an old cult film and all. “Jimmy Joy” is obviously Joylent trying to keep the “Joy” part of their previous name, and they wanted to pair it with a name that starts with J. So I’ll have to agree with everyone else here, that their branding skills aren’t exactly impressive. Huel on the other hand was a pretty cool portmanteu, I’ll have to give you guys that.

That said, I like their vegan product because it’s a mix of soy and hemp, and that’s how veganism should be done imho.