Just a regular thread


I’ll bite.

Tim is beautiful, let’s show him some love.



I doubt you can return them if you can’t pick them up…they are much heavier than the scoop.


Smartass :rofl:


I expect you are the “smart” arse if you snort powdered Huel through your butt. That’s gotta sting.


I do believe John has ended your thread. May as well change the title and try something else.


Hey, if there’s no time there’s no time. No pain no gain


I’m not good enough for this. I tried and got owned. Lesson learned :rofl:


When you fart, does it look like a snow globe has been shaken?


I guess it depends on how my IBS is that day. That or a Huel squirt fest


How is the chat room going Squizzle? I did think about joining but then I noticed my sock drawer was looking rather untidy so you lost out.


I think it’s doing pretty well. But apparantly less exciting than your drawer… so maybe not afterall :stuck_out_tongue:


Use a plastic teaspoon. And a lever. Or a long handled plastic teaspoon. Or just scoop it out with your hands.


or just put your head straight into the bag


…or your bottom, if you feel so inclined.


New subject y’all, keep up!


I do think Tim is long overdue a show of appreciation. He can have this thread until Sunday evening.


I suppose why not!


Looks like I’ve just stumbled into the weekend madness. Party on, dudes :partying_face:


Anybody wondering what @JamesCollier gets up to on the weekend, I think I have just stumbled on the answer:


I’m sitting here laughing now :smile: