Just can't stomach the Unsweetened

I started with vanilla for a week and loved it, but i was having a reaction to one of the ingredients (possibly the sweetener) which brought me out in an awful rash on hands and feet. After stopping its beginning to go. Had a few days break and started on uunsweetened gluten free 3 days ago. No reaction but it tastes so awful I can’t even finish one shake!

I’ve tried:

Different frozen fruit
Most of the flavour samples
Drinking chocolate

Mixing in a nutri bullet

It all tastes the bloody same! Like I would imagine plaster board and soil!

Help! Don’t want to give up as I love everything about the concept and the vision of the brand.



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I’d say bare with it just plain with no additions… You get used to the plainness and after a while it actually tastes kinda sweet…

Experiment with different ratios of water as well because consistency has a big influence on palatability. It also helps to make it a few hours in advance, leave it in the fridge to get it a bit smoother etc. Freshly mixed is definitely less nice.

I know what you mean, I don’t like the U/U either.

Did you try and suggestions in this thread to try and establish which ingredient is causing the reaction? The difference between vanilla and U/U is the vanilla flavouring and the sucralose sweetener. It sounds like you are going to need a something sweet in there to mask the taste of U/U but it doesn’t have to be sucralose.

If you can establish if you have the reaction with sucralose first and then we have something to work with.

I’m waiting until the rash has gone to try sucralose on its own. It’s starting to clear up and isn’t itching or inflamed anymore. As I’m only on day 3 now of U/U if I tried some sucralose and had a reaction I couldn’t 100% know it was from that as the rash from vanilla didn’t appear until day 3.

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Remember sucralose is very strong so make sure you get the measures right :slight_smile:

Edit: If the rash is clearing up with U/U you should be OK to try adding sucralose to U/U when you’re ready to test it? Or is that what your intention was anyway?

I ordered the U/U from the start because I didn’t want any artificial sweetener in my food and tried it the first time pure. Impossible to drink, took me 4 hours for one shake.

What is working best for me and also what is really the only thing I tested so far which changes the taste noticeable is pure cocoa powder. At first I also added real sugar to it, 1 teaspoon per ~500g, now I switched to coconut blossom sugar but sometimes I also use honey.

So if you are okay with cocoa powder you should give it a shot. You need to add a very generous teaspoon of it though.

Honey is a really bad option, as I think you’d need to add around 50 g of Huel to each shake, and that’s a lot of sugar to be chomping down. Perhaps try something like Stevia or aspartame instead.

I suspect the problem is just that you aren’t adding enough sweetener (unless you have simply added a ton of honey into the mixture).

You say you’ve tried the Huel flavour packets but did you use the right quantities? If you’re using the sample packs, you’ll use a lot less Huel per packet. I think for Vanilla uel it’s 1 pack to 3 scoops but for U/U it’s 1 pack for 1 1/2 scoops.

I drink the U/U but ony after the gym so it’s only a few times a week and I ju gulp it down

I’m actually the opposite - can’t stomach the vanilla as it tastes far too sweet for me! I have tried most of the flavour powders and I have to say the Pineapple and coconut in my opinion is the best with the U/U. Very refreshing like a smoothie with a porridgey taste. Having it cold left in the fridge or with ice cubes once shaken works well too.

Thanks for the tips!

The more of the flavour packets I use the more I can just taste stevia and its not having the same effect.

I tried adding just frozen fruit and vanilla essence for baking and it’s lovely!

Is there any harm In me adding this vanilla essence? It won’t change the nutritional value or anything will it?
I’ve found a website that does organic and natural food flavours and I am going to order the caramel and forest fruit.

Finally enjoying huel again!
Feels good!

I would go for a U/U-Vanilla mix, which is what I am currently experimenting with…the combo + flavour pack seems to come out at a nice balance.

I can’t have the vanilla as I am allergic to something in it, either the sucralose or vanilla flavouring.