Just made my first bad Huel shake

Having some Heinz cup-a-soups in my desk drawer, I though I’d try my first savoury shake out.

So, into my shaker went some tap water, the soup sachet (spicy Mexican tomato flavour), 125g of Huel and a load of boiling water. I gave it a good shake and put it to my lips.

It didn’t taste great. In fact, the more I persisted the worse it go, causing me to almost gag once or twice. It soon turned into being pretty rank, which is a first for me as every (sweet) shake I’ve had so far I’ve liked.

I then realised my mistake. I probably shouldn’t have used vanilla Huel! Oh well, you live and learn. Never again!

I managed to finish it, but that’s mostly because I don’t like waste :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Never again!

I don’t like waste either. That being said, you are a better man than I. My spicy vanilla-tomato shake would have gone down the drain.

Live and learn! :grinning:

I once used vanilla Huel in place of brown rice flour in a meal I cooked for my parents. I thought it was okay, though not great, but my dad threw his in the bin. My mum struggled and ate some of hers, reluctantly.

When I was younger, me and my friends used to try really weird food combinations - things like jam and vinegar sandwiches or cheese and ice cream.

I wonder if they will ever make a curry flavour Huel…