Just opened 5th bag

Loving the Huel vibe so far. Quite surprised to be honest how much I look forward to the next Huel cos I’m a bit of a foodie normally.

Enjoying Huel breakfast and lunch with normal evening meal seems to work well, don’t feel at all hungry.

Just got a new delivery (DPD are the best parcel co. ever) tried 50/50 vanilla and U/U for the first time. Much nicer and definately the way forward as I’m not too keen on the synthetic sweetener taste. New 2.2 seems a lot smoother too. Good job guys.


Im an Unsweetened gal through and through - even adding the flavour sachets arent doing much for me, but I do make mine with Almond milk and in the blender so a nice consistent smoothness is practically guaranteed

Afraid I’m bitter enough to need all the sweeteners I can get…


oh bless ya - cant believe that

Sounds like the perfect use of Huel, David! Really happy that your experience with Huel has been so good - pleasantly surprised, great delivery, developed the perfect method, loving v.2.2.new (?!). It’s great to have so many lovely Huelers like yourself in our community!