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I agree with Bee it’s not so hit and miss that you could easily be 500 calories off from miscalculating veggies. But I understand it’s hard to do if you’re not used to it/find it stressful.

I personally tend to undereat if I don’t keep track at least roughly. And I just really like numbers, haha.


MFP does it all for you but you still have to weigh everything and stay within your daily calorie allowance.


@Bee yeah you’ve got it down to a tee !

For me, calorie counting just doesn’t seem to work.
For one, the obsessive nature of paying so much attention to what I’m eating, makes me feel more hungry all the time. Psychologically, the process affects me negatively.
Secondly, my activity levels vary enormously. Some days I do literally nothing so am burning as few as 1200 calories because I’m short and not very young (:joy:), other days I am physically active for 8+ hours doing very strenuous exercise that burns maybe 6000 calories over the entire day. And sometimes I do a ‘normal’ amount of activity and burn roughly 1700/1800 calories in the day.
When I’ve used a Fitbit to calculate my TDEE and log my daily exercise, and also logged every calorie I eat, I set my deficit to 500 calories but actually lose about 3kg a week which is way too much, so the calculations somewhere must be WAY off even tho I have obsessively and precisely logged absolutely everything in and out.
So I try to adjust it, but can never find the right calorie deficit, I think because of my varying activity.
I end up losing loads of weight really fast, then putting it all back on two weeks or two months later because the rate of loss is unmaintainable and I get starving and tired and then eat way too much and end yo yo-ing. And this is when i am being precise and disciplined about it and actually trying to cut a sensible 500 calories (but must be cutting more somehow despite being so careful). Hence why I lose motivation.

I’ve been trying calorie counting on and off for 18 months now and totally failing every time.

I’ve decided to go back to my old tried and tested method of NOT counting, and just eating a bit less than I normally do, and exercising as much as I can. It’s always worked before, so I trust it will work again.
I’ve only made this decision very recently, so I’ll see what happens!


It’s all about which method suits each of us best. I feel more in control doing what I’m doing so I don’t find it stressful at all. I totally get that it won’t suit everyone though.