Just reminding you

to weigh your foods (including Huel).

I had a veggie pizza for dinner and I weighed it (since it didn’t fit in the scoop) and boy was the packaging wrong. The box said 288g and it weighed in at 420g. I feel bad for all the people logging it as 2/3 of what it actually is.

Trust no bitch. Or box.

288g and 420g is actually a pretty big difference :open_mouth:
What exactly did the label(s) on the box say ?
Just 288g and nothing to it ?

YEAH, massive difference.

It had nutritional info per 100g and nutritional info for 1 pizza (=288g). And then where it just says the weight of the whole product it said 288g, so it’s not like they were trying to pass half a pizza as a serving either.

That’s actually pretty bad, weight is for a prepared or frozen pizza ?
Don’t want to think the pizza betrays me :rofl:

Glad I don’t eat pizza :grin:

:joy: It was one of those fresh(ish) Magioni pizzas. I think frozen pizzas would be more accurate, generally speaking. But I’d still weigh those too haha.

This goes for everything though, that’s the point!

No problems here. I weigh everything I eat.

With a lot of ready prepared food it’s impossible to accurately count calories even if you do weigh it. The calories on the box are a very rough estimate and vary enormously from batch to batch.
If you wanna eat pizza and count calories, it’s best to make it all yourself… and weigh every topping you put on it

I do too.

Well, obviously. That’s not really the point though.

Well it kinda is. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever eat pre-made pizza… I’m just saying you make a very good point, and this is a perfect example of how much overall weights and ingredient proportions can vary from what is on the label. The calories really are a very rough guide, and not a very good guide at that.
Probably weighing the portion you eat will make the calorie estimate a bit more accurate, but it will still be quite a lot out, because their ingredient proportions will vary from pizza to pizza as wildly as their overall weight does.

I know what you mean though. Can’t always trust what you read on a label.

I am in awe of all you calorie counters btw :grin:
I don’t have the discipline.
Well I have plenty discipline - but just not for calorie counting.
I can’t even seem to find the discipline to weigh my Huel and Huel makes it super easy to calorie count. I just go for 3 packed level scoops and figure that’s close enough :grimacing:


I use a different scoop, in which fits ~50g of Huel.
If I do that, my meals are smaller than when I weigh them. :rofl:

I get what you’re saying, and this is of course a very extreme example. Calorie counting in itself is an estimate. I mean, Google how many calories there are in 100g of apple and you’ll get dozens of different numbers. It’s always an estimate, even when you cook something from scratch.

Sure, the difference per apple will be smaller than this example of the pizza. But is there really an excuse for the weight to be off by so much? It’s a vegan pizza, no cheese (no vegan cheese either)… Veggie based dough topped with a paprika puree and some tomatoes and peppers on top. The weight is mostly the dough itself, and if the size of their balls of dough can vary as much as 33%, they’re just not doing a very good job portioning. It’s just a bit shocking, that’s all.

Have to agree on that one, 33% off is really too much.
But isn’t it just the dough after being in the over and the rest
of the ingredients not counted for in this weight ? :sweat_smile:

@Moon yeah it is pretty bad.
It’s probably worth contacting them and letting them know. Most people would only complain if their food weighed less than the stated amount, but you’re right that being a third bigger is significant and not good portion control at all.
They’d probably be grateful for you pointing this out, as from their point of view, overly generous portions will massively impact on their profit margins.
You might get some free pizzas…
not sure if that’s a good thing tho if you’re on a diet lol


This is why I struggle so much to calorie count!!!
It takes so much effort to count every calorie, and weigh everything, and even if you are precise and obsessive about it, you could still be as much as 500 calories out over the entire day, which to me, makes the whole effort seem pointless.
I’m not saying it is pointless - calorie counting does work. But for me, it’s so hard psychologically to do it, because it’s so much effort, when I could probably guess my daily intake within 500 calories anyway!

Saying this, this is why you guys are losing weight and I’m not :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
BUT to be fair to myself, I have successfully lost weight in the past without having to count calories - I just ate less and exercised more, and got down to my goal weight in about 8/9 months


Yeah I think I will let them know actually. I wouldn’t mind free pizzas. Calling them pizzas is a bit of a stretch anyhow, they’re actually quite healthy haha.

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I have to admit when you described it, it sounded pretty tasty :yum: :joy:

My weighing and calorie counting has worked for me. If it was so hit and miss I would not have consistently lost 1lb per week