Kitchen refit

Now complete.

Washing machine & tumble dryer moved into the bathroom so I now have room for a Huel cupboard:

Eleven H&S, 2 Huel Black, 1 Huel Essential plus 1 original shaker, 2 new shakers, 1 black shaker (1k meals?) and 2 H&S pots.



Probably room for a few Huel cupboards

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I realised I missed the chance of a great pun.

I like your new kitchen …is it a shaker kitchen. Boom tish.


Why even have a kitchen?

It was there when I bought the place?

He didn’t say he was 100% Huel.

Huel should buy a construction company and start building places without kitchens.

They can’t even keep their products in stock, they probably wouldn’t have any bricks after the first house was built


Or they would discontinue a popular design of house and promise you that something even better is coming but leave you unable to buy a house for an unspecified amount of time. Which is not very helpful if you need to buy a house.

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You could actually build a house using some of those dry old Huel bars and some Huel drink at the consistency @bee drinks it for cement.


Stunning Huel cupboard @DunsfordMage :heart_eyes:

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