L-Arginine v L-Lysine Aggregate Ratio

Is there any information on the aggregate total L-Arginine vs L-Lysine ratio, I know that Oats and Coconut weigh higher on the L-Arginine side for example.


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The amino acid profile of Huel is here.

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Thank you @JamesCollier

2000 Cal Diet

L-Arginine : 12230mg
L-Lysine : 8975mg

136.3% Ratio

Add 3255mg L-Lysine supplementation to equalize


Are you on 100% Huel?

Do you add a specific amount to a non-Huel diet, too?

What do you base this amount on?


I’m on 100% U / U Huel, around ~2200 Calories, plus something solid so I can chew like rice cakes and occasionally red wine.

I also take L-Lysine to counteract what is essentially a chronic form of Chicken Pox that I get on my joints a few times a year. The virus propagates when abundant L-Arginine is present, however if you keep your amino profile ratio in favor of L-Lysine, it can block your L-Arginine absorption because they both use the same uptake mechanism.


SRC [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6262023](Pub Med)

Great stuff. Yes, there is some science behind high lysine in Herpes Zoster infections.

How long have you been 100%?

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It’s been working for me and the extra Lysine helps my muscle mass as well.

I’ve been ~100% for 6 weeks. My first 2 weeks I had some considerable bloating (I was coming from an omnivorous, high animal protein, low fiber diet) but that subsided and now my digestive tract is doing great.

I began with U / GF, I decided to try the V / GF but that caused some very different digestive issues, so I switched back to U / GF. I don’t think my body agrees with artificial sweeteners.

After 6 weeks, I’m doing really well. I’m barely ever hungry, I feel very satiated and I’m actually starting to really enjoy the natural oat flavor now. I don’t add anything to it. After eliminating overly salted, overly sweetened foods, you can really detect the natural brightness of something as boring as oats.

You’ve really engineered an amazing product, I’m very thankful this exists.


That is really good to hear you’re getting on so well.

Keep us posted!

For sure, I’ll get my nutritional blood profile done at the 6 month mark and report back.

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how much lysine do you take on top of your huel pleae? im currently suffering from what i think to be my second outbreak of type 1 and it finds itself to my genitals but starts with back pain!!