Laser Eye Surgery

Hey, I’m new to this forum. I know the fact that this is off-topic. But I want to share this. I was not confident about my physical features until last year as I was fat. So I decided to decrease my weight, and now I have reduced 25 kgs. But then, now, I thought of doing laser eye treatment to take off my glasses. Is am I stressing my body too much. But need to do this and book an appointment. Somehow, feeling nervous!!!

Self-esteem and body image issues play with your mind long after you’ve done something about it. Still triggers me periodically, but definitely have to just face the demons – or at the very least kick them in the family jewels and do it anyway. That’s the theory I’m using currently. Good luck!


Welcome! It’s completely normal to feel nervous, especially when it’s such a big change. But I’m very much a firm believer in risk taking, and it’s so important to put yourself first more than others. :heart:


I had it done about 15 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. The freedom of not wearing glasses (I never got on with contacts) was amazing!
I was concerned too, if something went wrong, loosing my eyesight would have been dreadful! I only did it because I had seen others around me go for it with success
Wishing you luck and health

Thank You @himji !!

The only possitive thought regarding the surgery is that I can remove my glasses and contacts. But as you said I’m concern too. I had already talked my laser eye surgerion about the procedures. And he was also trustful and understands my feeling. But then did you had any side-effects like hazy vision and itchy eyes. I had fixed my appointment. fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank Yoo so much!!!

Yeah True!!!

We cannot achive anything if we are not a risk taker.

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I was a little scared during the procedure.
I had no side affects that I can recall.
I do need glasses once again, I only use them for watching TV and driving atmI am coming up to 50 and I’m not surprised.

Sound’s Great!!!

Thank You!!

I’m in my mid-40s and I had Lasik last year. The first two weeks were a flurry of eyedrops, but that’s it. No side effects during or after. I’m at 120% vision and LOVING it.

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