Late 30s female on 100% Huel - weightloss journey

Hello all,

Hope you’re all well and happy.

I tried to be a specific as possible with my topic as I’ve been searching to see how other females of my age have found drinking Huel 100% of the time. Weight loss can be so different depending on your age, gender and how active you are, so by trying to be a specific as possible I hope to support women like myself by sharing my journey. I certainly can’t do a few runs in the week, eat less and still lose weight quite as easily as when I was younger!

Just a little background about me, in my 20s I starved myself a lot to stay thin and I over-exercised. I was also regularly taking recreational drugs. I was doing Weight Watchers and therefore eating very little food and many things had no nutritional value. When I hit my 30s I started eating more (new relationship), stopped partying as hard, moved less (bought a car) and generally age hit me. Five stone creeped up on me, and whatever I did to try and lose it, never worked. I would lose a little and then the pounds would come back with vengeance so I weighed even more than before I started! I tried every diet out there: ketogenic, slimming world, no carbs, only carbs, potato diet (!), raw till 4, etc. Nothing has shifted the pounds permanently and are also incredibly difficult to maintain. Each time the weight comes back on I die a little inside. Sad to say but I feel I have really lost my identity and have forgotten to have fun.

One thing I really struggle with is constantly preparing nutritious food that hits my macros and doesn’t mean I am a slave to the kitchen. I’m endlessly looking online to see what I can eat to get the most nutrition and it’s a mind field. It’s expensive too and I find often I waste food, which is terrible for the environment and incredibly selfish of me.

Late last year I came across Huel. It seemed so easy and really struck a chord with how I felt about weight loss. I bought my first pack over Christmas (very silly of me) and then struggled to do it. I found I would drink just one shake during the day and then indulge at night (not the best idea).

A couple of days ago something came over me and I started to crave Huel. My husband and I had had a particularly bad binge, eating tonnes over a weekend and I just got to a point where I just needed something healthy in my body.

So, on Sunday (today is Tuesday) I started 100% Huel. I’m planning to try and achieve this right up until September when it is my 39th birthday. I really don’t want to get to my 40s and still be controlled by my weight.

So far so good. I’ve been drinking 3 shakes that constitutes 1500 kcal which is what I need to lose a pound a week - gonna do this slowly as in the past quick weight loss for me has meant quick weight gain. I tend to fast in the morning (I’m not a morning eater) and then have my shakes between 12pm and 8pm. So far I have had no adverse affects but today I noticed my face looks fresher and younger and I have more energy in the mornings. I tend to get hungry in the evenings so have been having a Chamomile Tea to ease that.

There will be days I won’t be able to do it (parties, birthdays, etc) but I’m hoping I manage it 90% of the time. I’m planning to have two shakes those days that I don’t manage it and have a calorie controlled meal in the evening (of course only on special occasions).

Let’s see if first I can do it (!) and what the results are. I’ll update weekly (trying not to weigh myself too much as I can be a bit obsessive at it).

Good Luck to everyone else on this journey.

8 March 2020: 12 stone 13.5 pounds


Hello Boo, and welcome to the forum.

Good luck with it all! Reading your post I’m not a million miles away from your situation. Similar age, similar start weight, decided to use Huel to help with the weight loss etc. My husband got me into it, he’s been on it since Jan 7th, and has dropped a stone and a half. already. He’s looking quite slim now! This spurred me on to give it a go, and now I’m on day 12. It’s been good so far. I’m not going 90-100% like you though, only one or two Huel meals a day.

Looking forward to seeing your progress! :slight_smile:

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Hope it goes well for you, keep us updated. I’m a similar weight and would love to get back down to my usual 9 stone prebaby weight. My downfall is evenings. I recently started a new job, so for the past 4 weeks have been having 2 Huels a day, breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday, and at least one Huel a day over the weekend. However, when I finish work I’m too tired/lazy to think about cooking just for myself (I live alone), and as I often stop at the shop to buy dog food when I get off the bus, I usually end up buying something really stupid which I eat instead of dinner, such as a jumbo packet of crisps, or a whole packet of biscuits. As I’m a very similar weight to you, I’m now considering trying to go 100% Huel for a while to get the weightless kickstarted, and then maybe I’d have more energy and enthusiasm to cook a sensible evening meal. BTW, when I first read the title of this thread I thought you were taking Huel into space with you!! :laughing:

Thank you so much for sharing! Good luck with your journey and keep me updated! Day 12 - wow that’s amazing! X

:rofl::rofl::rofl: oh my this made me laugh out loud. Haha. Hopefully my weightless dream become a reality!

I hear ya on the pit stop at the shop to buy danger foods! It’s one of the reasons I’m going 100% huel to avoid “rewarding” myself with treats. Keep going and thank you sharing! Good luck with your journey x

This made me laugh even though I know what you meant. :rofl:

Weekly weigh in update!
Sunday 15 March: 12 stone 11 (2.5 pound weightloss)

My first week has been relatively drama free. I noticed the first few days my tongue was a white furry horrible thing in the mornings. I assume from sugar withdrawal.

I had one meal out with work friends on the Wednesday. I convinced everyone to go for vegan sushi. This meant I was easily able to keep an eye on calories.

Next week I’m on my holiday so I think it’s gonna be much harder…let’s see.

Hope everyone is doing well on their own Huel journeys.