Leangains / intermittent fasting and Huel

Hey gang - I’ve been a huel user for about 4 years now, maybe 50-60% of my calories are huel. Vegan.

Am trying out the leangains diet / exercises in order to lose another 10kg and to increase strength. Has anyone here done any leangains stuff? Any feedback?

Cheers all!

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Always thought of it as a gimmick.

  • Caloric surplus and progressive overload for strength gains
  • Caloric deficit, maintenance lifts and cardio for fat loss

All you’ll ever need in my opinion.


Which is great - but I’m fairly sure that the weight of evidence now says that a calorie is not in fact a calorie, and that different macros eaten at different times of day has quite the effect on both your insulin levels and how many calories it takes to turn those calories into calories.

Otherwise we’d just bang 2,000 calories of sugar in one go and leave it for the day right? :smiley:

Sure, I wasn’t implying you could eat donuts for 3000 calories and put on mass.

I was making the point that’s it’s almost impossible to gain size and strength while in deficit.

To clarify:

  • Caloric surplus + Sufficient protein + Progressive overload

Great - and thanks for clarifying.

Back on topic - has anyone done any of the lean gains method and or intermittent fasting whilst using Huel? Care to share any experiences?

Ok looks like I struck out! Surprised nobody has but I’ll give it a go myself anyway and see what happens :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a 8 hour eating window combined with a 1k calorie deficit and daily weightlifting for 2 months. So far I am down about 17lbs. I’ve been maintaining intensity and volume on my upper body lifts, and still adding weight and reps to my squat and dead lift.
Huel has been a great training partner since I started adding pea protein to hit my macros (200 grams of protein). I am getting about 75% of my calories from this mix and the rest from a whole food vegan diet. currently and I feel like I’m cutting in the year 3000.
After using intermittent fasting as needed for the last few years I can say without a doubt that Huel and I.F. are great bed fellows and are a part of my fitness trifecta when added to a thoughtful strength program!

Awesome to hear! Anything you can add about the pea protein? or is that just it - add some!!

Quick bump to see if anyone has anything to add to this - about to embark on trying to hit the macros really hard and see what happens. Have ordered some pea protein to add to Huel :slight_smile:

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I’m no expert, however do aspire towards lean gains also. To date I’ve done that through ‘normal’ food.

I plan to introduce Huel while keeping Macros and training the same as before. Just looking for the convenience of Huel as my job can get in the way sometimes.

The issue I see initially is the idea of lean gains is 1g of protein per 1lb of body weight. That sounds ok but the calorie count then starts to creep up. I plan to use 100g of Huel (30g protein for 400kcal).

The plan is to attempt a week on Huel with whey protein in addition trying to stick to my calorie and macro goal. I’ll try let you know how it goes.


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Nice one yeah would be good to know how it works out for you, obvs. trying myself already but good to know what problems everyone else has :slight_smile:

Hi mate. Huel’s been my main food source for just over 3 years and 2 of those combined with IF (8hr window). Training 5 to 6 days a week throughout. Periods of training fasted. Honestly, I don’t know what i’d do without it. My maintenance is around 2500 calories, but I try to either bulk on 3000 or cut on 2000. I’ve always lost muscle mass and strength on a deficit and the reverse in a surplus. Aside from nooby gains. I’d neglected forearms, for example, and made gains on those while on a deficit. The last 6 months haven’t gone to plan at all, however - good during the week and major binges on the weekend! - and i’m trying to get back on track. Good luck with your Huel/training journey and i’d be interested in updates re. leangains.


Always good to see everyone else’s journeys :slight_smile: