Less water doesn't make someone daft

Continuing the discussion from Short cut to 510ml:

Doesn’t seem very stupid to me, just personal taste ain’t it.


I think you are wrong Effects of Dehydration on Brain Functioning: A Life-Span Perspective | Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism | Karger Publishers

I think there is a reason they closed the last post :joy:

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They always state the reason for locking, so we can assume that thread was locked accidentally. Charlotte was probably laughing so hard at the great posts, she nudged the SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN button by mistake. She’ll be gutted when she realises.


Huel Black is 510ml because the serving size is 90g. The total must always be 600g or death is certain.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so upset with myself.

no more certain death, please.


But death is the only thing that is certain in life I’m afraid.

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You forgot taxes, death. And taxes!

Not in Glastonbury. No-one here pays tax.

But someone got run over by an Uber and died as a result. Death by taxis.

Don’t forget your coat mate.

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