Let’s start again

I purchased Huel Black about 4 months ago, and never really gave it a fair try. I’ve started a dozen times, and used (wasted) about half of my three bags, and always quit within a day or two. Hunger, especially evening/night hunger, always gets the better of me.

I’m male, 42, 5’9, exactly 250 pounds, Type 2 diabetic on three medications (metformin, Jardiance, Trulicity…with famodine to combat the nausea side effect).

Let’s try it again. Aiming for 2-3 shakes for breakfast and lunch, and then a healthy dinner with a few healthy snacks. I’ll try to journal it here.


Have you had a chat with your doctor about it?

I have used huel black for a couple of months now and it’s worked well but it did take a good week or two to get used to it all. What helped me so much was starting to eat much later in the day and limiting my food intake in the evening so all my calories are eaten within a 7 hour window.

But I don’t know how that would work with your medical issues so really worth speaking with a medical professional before even contemplating that.

Also, I do have some of the bars which are only 200 calories and quite dense so I used to find if I was properly desperate (in the first couple of weeks) I could have one of those as an extra snack and still stay on track in terms of a calorie deficit.

Really wish you all the best, this can work very well but you must seek advice from your doctor first. Also worth doing because you can get extra nutritional advice from the NHS tailored for your specific needs.

Definitely chat to the doc before you do anything. The advice above sounds good and is worth a try

I am also a hungry soul, so I feel your pain. I only feel full once a year, after Christmas dinner. My current regime is manageable though and is keeping me at 2000 calories a day fairly consistently.

I have found the following works for me to lose weight and has largely curbed sugar cravings.

Potatoes are your friend! They are one of the most satiating foods out there. Make them a big part of your solid meals and it will help a lot.

I have a huel in the morning. I split into two and force myself to drink it over the course of an hour. I also use a skinny metal straw and try and keep the glass a stretch of the arm away to stop me inhaling the stuff.

For lunch I would have a huel or 400 calorie meal. Maybe an orange around 3 o’clock.

For dinner I have an 700-800 calorie meal.

I put on a podcast and take a long evening walk, over an hour.

Then I will have another huel between 9 - 10. If I don’t eat late I will crave food all night and eventually slip into bad habits. That’s why I have a late night huel.

The only food I have in my house are oranges, veg for dinner/lunch, and meat that needs to be cooked. So there is nothing to snack on, except for oranges and I only buy so many on my weekly shop. This is to force myself to get into a good habit around food and to stop incessantly grazing.

Download my fitness pal or a similar calorie tracking app and buy a scales. Get into the habit of logging and weighing everything you eat.

You got this! Go inch by inch and find your own way. Be more proud of yourself for bouncing back when you slip up, than for any pound you lose. Getting back on track quickly when you inevitably hit a set back is key!