Starting Again

Going to try this again. Got Huel Black, both Chocolate and Vanilla. I really like mixing the two together, with lots of ice in a shaker. Sometimes I leave in the refrigerator for a couple hours before drinking.

I have at least 30 pounds to lose (ideally 50). Going to try drinking three shakes a day (two scoops each). Something like 7am, 11am, 3pm, and the. Having a meal or two in the evenings. Aiming for 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day total.

Started today, while taking my diabetes meds. I’m type 2, and have been very inconsistent with the meds. (Jardiance, Metformin, and Trulicity). I’m hoping that by sticking to Huel and losing 20-30 pounds, I can ditch the meds for good.

Wish me luck, and all comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Just wanted to add that I’ve had my Huel for a couple months, but haven’t yet given it a fair try. I’ll drink it for a day or two but end up eating a stupid meal and giving up.

You might be better just easing into it? Try one shake for a week, breakfast maybe? Then move up from there.


I know I probably should. But I’m impatient! Lol

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I’ve so often failed at many things by going all-in. But in some cases it’s really helped me to succeed. I’ve lost 100 pounds already, but I’ve been stagnant for about 4 years. I weigh the same, but I’m definitely “fatter”. Lol. Also going to start exercise and stretching routine, and THAT I’m going to ease into. I’m really out of shape and need to be careful. Just a few pushups and sit-ups to start.

That’s a lot of progress! The next steps might be different to the last, but you certainly have a great deal of experience with what works for you.

You mentioned stupid meals. Do you have issues with binge eating? Having a ‘healthy diet’ mode, and exercising, are both really important. But if you binge eat, or as a diabetic eat foods that aren’t safe for you, that’s a separate aspect to what you’ve got to deal with.

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Yes. Binge eating is definitely one of my biggest problems. I love food, so I often just “give up” and go nuts on whatever I want at the time. I know I should allow myself small portions of what I truly like; but it’s hard to stop at just a little. This is a discipline problem I’m still working on.

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Sorry to hear that. I struggle with it too. I’ve made some progress this year I’m pretty proud of, though.

I still can’t have binge-quality food in the house. Just can’t. I’ll eat it within an hour. I’ve never put ice cream in the freezer. It doesn’t go in the freezer, it goes in my face, that’s just science.

Instead, I’ve… and I’m surprised this worked… changed my tastes. I don’t go near Ben & Jerry’s anymore, but I freeze bananas, then food process them with e.g. peanut butter (100% peanuts) and cocoa powder (not sweetened). Turns into an ‘ice cream’ that now tastes just as good to me.

I snack on cashews a bit, bake Huel into things, and make my own Nakd bars (or… just buy Nakd bars).

I still have excessive days (like a 2600 calorie meal of scones and cheese and crackers, or all the pesto, all of it) but they’re more planned out. It’s the substitutes for the ever-more-regular binges that’ve really helped rescue my diet.

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Heya mate, good luck for this time. I read an article earlier that I thought rather interesting and so figured it may be relevant.

How are you getting on now? I’m coming back to Huel to try and help with a really bad diabetes score on my last blood test. I’m also on Jardinance, and just been out on Trulicity last week (weekly injections) and the side effects started today. Terrible cramps and liquid stomach. Did you get this also? Did Huel help settle it? I’m an all or nothing type, if I don’t touch sugar my stuff at all I can live without it, but the first whiff of a donut and I’m done… I’m 20 stone (or was two weeks ago) lost 9lbs so far since cutting out the sugar. Using Huel at work for breakfast and lunch and trying to add a daily morning swim. Then a keto friendly evening meal with as few carbs as possible.