Let's chat all things Huel Powder 🌟

Black Edition contains more antioxidants, too. And no sucralose, which seems to be an important issue for some people. And it’s gluten-free, which is important since the gluten-free powder has been reduced to only 3 overly sweet flavours which are not really an option…

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Isn’t that three options?

Four including ‘don’t have any’

No, these flavours are not an option for me. But I understand that nevertheless these seem to be the most common, most popular flavours, and that the demand for gluten-free option is not as high as for the standard edition.

Ah, option 4 for you @leejonesjnr was spot on here.

I’ve had a subscription to the Original formulation since October 2017, before the black edition existed. I’ve been very happy with it and I don’t see any reason to want to change, and I’ve gotten pretty used to the flavour after 6 years.

What keeps me coming back? I have Huel most days for breakfast (We make ourselves a 100g drink each and put it in the fridge overnight). I like that I can have breakfast finished while my morning cup of tea is brewing and it keeps me going until lunchtime - I no longer snack before lunch which I often did when I used to have toast. I know I am guaranteed my first meal of the day is completely nutritionally balanced.

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@Cam_Huel Please tell me you’re not considering to discontinue the classic Huel 3.1 White powder? I really hope we can continue consuming it in the long run.

Not at all! Just working on optimising its position in our portfolio.


A major advantage of Black Edition is that it is smoother and has better solubility. This is definitely something that should be optimized for the Standard Edition.