Lets give this a whirl

Hello one and all!

I’ve just opened my last beer and I’m going to enjoy it, for tomorrow my Huel adventure begins.

Some simple information to plot my journey, I’m 32, 33 in 6 weeks, 5’10" and weigh >100kg. Looking to, in time get into the 90kg area but with no definitive target or time limit, the main things I want are an obvious reduction in size, increased body confidence and energy.

I’ll be combining my adventure of Huel instead of two meals and a good meal with swimming as gyms bore the life out of me and I’m an alright swimmer. Normally do a mile a time and have a challenge of swimming the virtual Irish Sea after completing the virtual channel earlier in the year (not at once though!)

I’ll update further as I go along, here’s hoping for a long and happy Huel relationship… I’m off to polish off my beer and build a spreadsheet…(yes I’m that dull!)



Good luck!

I call my Husband Roo, can’t believe I’ve met a another one!

I’m 6.6lbs down in 2 weeks and have still enjoyed life! I have a thread on here - flabby to fabby, going to be keeping it updated with my journey!

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Us Roos are few and far between…

Good luck on your weight loss mission, sounds as though you’ve already got off to a good one!

I’ll do some reading of your thread and a Day 1 first impression later on tonight.

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So, Day One done and dusted.

I’m still alive… probably not really surprising, things could be a lot worse! Having been on a liquid diet many times before (long story) this isn’t new to me.

I took my first shake with me into work, and it lasted until about 11am. This isn’t the type of thing that I can down easily. Having made it a bit thick and having only shook it, it took a bit of effort to drink…especially when I hit a ball of powder that hadn’t mixed well. The taste and texture I can only describe as drinking vanilla flavoured Ready Brek. Not exactly what I was expecting, but I quite like Ready Brek so won’t complain too much!

A bit of adjustment for my evening meal, more water and a mix in the blender made for no balls of powder, a slice of pineapple made for a bit of tang.

All in all, I’ve started, I’m not hungry, I’m not as tired as I normally am… positive signs. I have a base weight as of this morning, so we’ll see how low I can go.

Roll on tomorrow.

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Good stuff and good luck.

Will be starting my own journey tomorrow. Pretty much in exactly the same position as yourself.

Roll on what will no doubt be an adventure.

Blend, blend, blend :joy:

Hi Roo, thank you for the post, congratulations on making the first big step of starting. Love a good spreadsheet, there’s definitely one kicking around here somewhere…

…here we go!

Regarding mixing, you definitely shouldn’t be getting large lumps of powder. Due to the natural ingredients, particularly the main ingredient (oats), Huel is prone to a bit of lumping. However we manage to solve the major issues recently. So for me I think we need to work on your mixing technique!

  • Start by adding 400ml of cold water
  • Then add 3 scoops of Huel.
  • (optional) add three ice cubes (personal note: I reckon this might help mixing, no evidence to back this up though)
  • Use the plastic strainer/mesh - if there are a few rogue lumps this will block 'em
  • Screw on shaker lid - obviously
  • Hold you finger on the lid whilst shaking - _Huel accepts no liability for kitchen redecorating _
  • Shake vigorously for 10-20 seconds.
  • Add 150ml more water via the spout and re-shake, again for 10-20 seconds.

Obviously if a blender isn’t a hassle for you then crack on, but do have this method a go and report back!

I’m into my second week of fat loss with Huel, weigh day is tomorrow!

I suggest buying yourself a NutriBullet (expensive, I know) or even a Breville Blend Active (around £25) as blending the powder is so much easier and the bottles are really convenient.

Make your shakes the night before and leave them in the fridge to cool until morning, the taste and texture is much better.

Good luck!

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Day two down and I’m getting better at this.

Huel and some low sugar drinking chocolate went down well this morning, normal huel with a bit of honey this evening went down better!

The blender (Nutri Ninja) mixes it a treat.

The spreadsheet now has a graph, it’s pointing in the right direction!

A friend’s son is called Roo…

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Well now, it’s been over a week…

So I’m still alive… no death and starvation here. Have I been totally strapped to my regime. No,

There were days where I had 2 Huel meals, there were days where I had 1, there were days where I had 0 (I ended up walking 10 miles around London on Friday and got stuck at Luton Airport…but that is another story!)

This week I’ve been back on the Huel twice daily, I think I’ve found my preferred recipe, 3x scoops, milk and a half teaspoon of set honey to reduce the oaty flavour.

But enough of this waffle. I started this thread to document potential weight loss.

So a week after starting, I’m down 2kg. I weigh myself on a daily basis in the morning before I get going to aid consistency, and results have been positive.

I mentioned a spreadsheet in previous posts… well I have one, and it has a graph!


Obviously you can see where I had off days, but it’s heading in the right direction. I’ve a long way to go, marathon not a sprint, insert generic metaphor here, but for a week in, I’m pleased with progress and hope it continues!