London family using Huel?


I’m a researcher at a design charity called Shift, based in London. We’re working with Guys & St Thomas’ Charity on a project about the future of food for families.

We’re looking to find a London-based parent who regularly uses Huel - or other type of meal replacement product - to take part in our research (it’s all done from home). Everyone who takes part will receive £100 for their time, and it’ll all be done from home.

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in take part, please apply here:

Thank you!


Hey Chloe! Welcome to the Huel forum :hugs: There are plenty of parents on here but perhaps not from London - is that essential? Given the circumstances it might not be possible for irl meeting anyway?

Hi Tim. We’d really like to find a parent from London as this research is being done for a London-based charity. If we can’t find anyone we’ll open it up next week to other cities. All the research is being done at home - I’ve edited my post so that is more clear, thanks for the prompt!

If you struggle to find anyone, I’m a Sunderland based parent and I’d be happy to help.