Huel for Shift Worker = Yes!

Hello All.

Thought I would give it a week on Huel before I made any comments.

Worked hard in January and lost 1st in weight. But then the office I work in basically had some kind of cold / chest infection for about 2 months. Coupled with working shifts my diet and exercise went completely south!

So back to square 1.

I am a Railway Cop, so we spend a lot of time travelling on the Network. We grab food when we can normally from Station outlets. So think Upper Crust / BK / M+S at best!

I needed a solution that would get me back on track ( Railway joke ) and stop me eating crap food during a 10 hour shift, and provide me with everything that my body needs.

Weight loss secondary. I know I will loose weight. I have cut out alcohol, I am training and running again so it will happen.

Done my calorie calculator and have been realistic and only dropped 500 cals per day, thinking long term not short term as I know that LCD invite failure eventually.

3 shakes 3 scoops and then a balanced meal in evening or lunch dependant on shift.

Week one. All positive. 3lbs lost in weight, a little too much possibly but we will see how it settles down on a week by week basis. More importantly I have not had to buy any crap food and do not feel at all like I am starving / Hungry.

So for me so far its all good!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think Huel can make the biggest difference to people who do very busy jobs. We had a paramedic on here saying it was great to swig on between his emergency call outs. Hopefully you people can spread the word to your colleagues.

I definitely like the thought of our emergency services being well-fueled with good nutrition.

Anyway, big respect to you for what you do. I’m sure you have a very tough job and have to be the one to pick up the pieces when awful things happen.

I’ve already spread the idea to my colleagues in the emergency services. Really excited to start Huelling when the GF option hits shelves!

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I’m old bill as well, and have had my first delivery today - too many ready meals and too many Tesco sandwich meal deals can’t be doing me any good!


Just ordered my first batch due to the same reasons stated in OP I travel a lot on the railways due to having multiple shops in different areas.

The post especially got me to me as one of my units is an Upper Crust.

Started huel for similar reasons about 2 weeks ago. I support disabled people in the community and often work long, unconventional hours. This means I often have to grab food driving between jobs.

Huel has helped me to cut out the fast food drive thrus, and I have more energy which is super helpful for my night shift :slight_smile: I’ve also started running again. I replace 1 or 2 meals with huel and use myfitnesspal to keep track of my calories. I’ve lost about 3lbs and if I continue losing 1lb a week I hope I’ll be looking my best aswell :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear huel experiences from other shift workers :smile: