Experience from an Emergency Service Shift-Worker

Hello all,

I’m new to Huel; a week in now and throughly enjoying my experience so far. I’ll be honest, I was really sceptical at first, as with most things you see these protein shakes as almost gimmicks for dieting. However after trying a mates Huel, I was blown away with it.

I live and work in London, and work at all times of the day and night on a response team for the Met. This has played havoc with my diet. I’ve always been a big guy, but working shifts on a busy borough where actually having a sit down meal is almost frowned upon, it’s been easy for me to put the weight on. A BLT sandwich at the local BP garage is neither healthy, or helpful on be purse strings.

When I started Huel 7 days ago, I weighted in at 119kg. I’m 6"1 and the ripe age of 22. I’ve found Huel to be delicious, filling, it’s given me more energy and I’ve felt less fatigued around and during shifts. It’s convenient, easy to prepare, eat and carry. I throw it into my kit bag, and I don’t have to worry about going hungry in a shift, or being stuck on a crime scene with no refreshments.

7 days later and I’ve weighted in at 116.5kg, however I did have a bit of a restbite from Huel yesterday, and ate some healthy, but heavy food.

I feel that this forum has been amazing at giving people motivation to continue to their goals. With mine being to hopefully drop to around 15-16 stone naturally over a non-set period of time with the help of Huel.

I’ve been drinking Huel for almost all meals, with the odd trip to the cafe for an omelette thrown in. However today was the first time I’ve drank it with water, and was again pleasantly surprised at how nice it is. I have been drinking it with skimmed and semi skimmed milk, but I might stop that and just do it for a treat on occasion.

I aim to have 2 scoops for breakfast, 3 for lunch and roughly 2/3 in the evening. However this was with Milk, so about 600 calories a day came from just the milk.

I’m considering cutting the milk out as my main mixer, and just sticking to water to achieve better results.

What are peoples opinions with drinking Huel with milk, especially when it comes to someone that wants to achieve weight loss?

Weight Loss Progress (Weekly)
02 August - Day 1 - 119kg
08 August - Day 7 - 116.5kg


This ^ :slight_smile:

I think Huel tastes perfectly fine with water. I’ve also noticed that I feel better since I stopped drinking milk.


Hi - I found it hard to drink with water the first few times, so was having with semi skim instead. Now 3 weeks in, i’ve weaned myself off the milk,and just using water. I am trying to lose weight and I found the extra cals from milk were pushing me over my cals for the day. Next weigh in is fri, so fingers crossed.

Well done Liam-I do shift work too and it’s a nightmare when you swap from days to nights & are trying to get decent food down you whilst battling insane tiredness-I so get it!!
I am a week in -I have 2 stone to lose-I thought it was about a stone until I got on the scales-my weight has crept up since returning to shift working, using food as comfort and having some health problems which had an effect on my confidence and ability to exercise in the way I was before.
Things have come to a head and I am making changes in my life & as a vegan, Huel looked very appealing to help kickstart my fat loss in relation to being able to have good nutrition whilst I g reducing calories -especially on nights during shifts when I really struggle to eat properly.
I’m loving it and have lost a kilo this week-Im doing 2 Huel shakes and a cooked meal with the odd bit of fruit or nuts as snacks -it’s perfect before or after an exercise class-I’m loving it!
Good luck with your plan-keep us posted!

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I’m on shift work to for the emergency services, found huel a god send, not knowing when I’m gonna get a break, lost a few kg to boot also and Saved a few quid! No kebabs!


Really great to read and yours and everyone else’s experiences with Huel in the emergency services. You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work and may you continue to be fuelled by Huel!

On the milk front, go for it. Just reduce the amount of Huel you are using to incorporate the additional calories. Or just do it on occasion for a treat!

Per 100g:
Skimmed milk - 32 kcal
Semi - 46 kcal
Whole - 66 kcal

(Food Standards Agency. (2008). Manual of Nutrition. 11th ed. Norwich: TSO. p146.)

Keep up the good work and I hope you continue to reach your goals with Huel.

Lol-if I had a pound for ever time I did a transfer over the last 25 years (am hospital based nurse) and the poor crew would grab a Mc Donald’s or KFC in lieu of a meal break! Not a healthy option but quick and can eat on the go-Huel is a godsend!!

I’m a police officer too! And have brought huel for exact same reasons you stated so Andy advice would be great

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Do you work on cold cases? I assume so cos this thread died nearly 4 years ago.

I’ve tried using a mixture of almond milk and water, but to be honest I find it fine with just water. But if you are looking for the best bang for your calorific buck, Alpro unsweetened almond milk is only 13cals per 100ml which isn’t bad.