Long term alternatives for the Christmas Kryptonite

Much as I love Gingerbread FB – I’m already in mourning for its passing as a limited edition - so been looking for long term alternatives.

When I’m in the grocery store, I normally avoid what I affectionately (and probably inappropriately) refer to as the ‘Hocus Pocus’ aisle – which is basically all of the Chinese branded natural and homeopathic produce. Ginger is a big part of Chinese food and natural remedies so I had a stroll down and came across this locally produced item:

It’s actually intended to use with boiling water to make tea but I tried it out – first blending it in water by itself (it’s a very thick paste, one 390g jar of concentrate is actually 1.2kg of ginger and dates reduced down) then adding Original Huel powder and blending again. Honestly the taste was amazing – the red dates add the sweetness to make it taste just like gingerbread straight out of the blender – no need to let it stand or absorb anymore. Its apparently a popular tea remedy in Chinese culture and so I would imagine is easily available in most countries in one brand or another. Many recipes exist on the internet too for making your own. I actually found that 10mg is more than enough to add a slightly punchier flavour than the Gingerbread FB so that works out at around 6 pence per serving but also maxes out your daily salt intake.

Ginger and Red Date Concentrate Ingredients: Organic Ginger, Red Dates, Organic Molasses, Mineral Water.

NUTRITION per 15g tbsp

Energy 151.37 kJ / 36.18 kcal
Fat 0.33 g
(saturated fat 0.1 g)
Carbohydrates 7.85 g
(sugar 4.37 g)
Protein 0.18 g
Salt 2.17 g

I’m also a big fan of liquorice so got some of these products from Lakrids by Bülow on the way from Denmark to try out. The syrups are available in sweet or salty variants and the powder in raw or fine although they advise raw is better suited for baking rather than mixing in drinks which is where the fine option comes in. Clearly the powder is the healthier option but I’m going to try both in the name of science :smiley:

Organic Sweet Liquorice Syrup Ingredients: Cane sugar, glucose syrup, treacle, Iranian raw liquorice, Salt.

Nutrition per 15g tbsp
Energy 211.26 kJ / 50.3 kcal
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 12.56 g
(sugar 11.99 g)
Protein 0.06 g
Salt 0.09 g

Organic Salty Liquorice Syrup Ingredients: Cane sugar, glucose syrup, treacle, Iranian raw liquorice, Salt.

Nutrition per 15g tbsp
Energy 211.26kJ / 50.3 kcal
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 12.56 g
(sugar 11.99 g)
Protein 0.06 g
Salt 0.45 g

Fine Powder Ingredients: Organic Iranian raw liquorice

Nutrition per 15g tbsp
Energy 122.5 kJ / 29.4 kcal
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 5.79 g
(sugar 3.69 g)
Protein 1.41g
Salt 0.16 g


I am a fan of liquorice too…I was just in Iceland where it is popular.

My brother lives in Hong Kong, and his wife is from mainland China and they do sometimes bring back to the UK really odd things from my bumpkin POV. The red date/ginger concentrate looks great.

I love it when couriers deliver goodies just in time for the weekend…

For those whose kryptonite was Christmas pudding aka mince pie aka Stollen, this one may be an option: Xmas-pudding flavouring


a litre bottle of Christmas Pudding flavouring. Dangerous :slight_smile:

Superman hates Kryptonite. :nerd_face:

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OK - so that didn’t go exactly to plan - when I opened the package at home instead of the mix of products I’d ordered to try out, I got 8 of the same one…I am now literally awash in sweet liquorice syrup - and not in a good way :roll_eyes:

Do they have a user forum? Best get yourself over there quick and have a jolly good moan and demand both a refund and the items you originally ordered. If anyone tries to offer helpful suggestions accuse them of using diversionary tactics/being a shill. Don’t forget to demand a grovelling apology while you’re at it.


I feel a class action lawsuit coming on while I try to figure out how to get though 1.3 litres of concentrated sweet liquorice syrup :laughing:

Have you tried the official Huel Pumpkin Spice fs? I’m having some right now and it’s rather nice. I also ordered Gingerbread (and salted caramel) so I can do a taste comparison and let you know the results if you like, as I would expect them to be fairly similar.

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no - I got the Gingerbread (absolutely love it), Apple & Cinnamon (mostly love it), Banana (ambivalent about it) and Choc Cherry (could have lived without it happily)

yeah but he’s a moody little git with something to hide and a Martha fixation

I was tempted by Apple cinnamon too, but again it’s in a similar taste arena as gingerbread and pumpkin spice. Good to know you like it though. I’m not a fan of banana things generally, and was so disappointed with chocolate premix, I decided not to bother with chocolate cherry. I’m sure we all taste things differently, hence why some people can happily eat chillies whilst others cannot, so I’m sure the fault lies with my taste buds not being sensitive enough, rather than the flavour in and of itself (probably due to too many chillies).

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they all tasted fine especially when left to stew for a few hours in the refrigerator - the Gingerbread and Apple variants really tasted very natural - except the Choc Cherry, as it tasted very synthetic to me even when left a few hours.

Apple Cinnamon is very different to pumpkin spice and gingerbread. Whereas the latter two I had difficulty telling the difference.
I liked all three a lot


Well - I tried the Liquorice syrup but the Huel Original powder flavour surprisingly completely overwhelmed it. I had to put 30ml of liquorice in to get that nice warm spicy taste but even then it was pretty mellow. I hope the raw powder has a stronger punch when it arrives as 30ml of syrup adds another 100 cals and 26g of sugars to a shake.

It is much more fruity than spicy. And it’s not a Christmas edition, but a regular flavour, so you can try it anytime later, too.


One of their nice customer service bods replied to let me know they have shipped the replacement products and told me to keep all the extra gear they sent me by way of apology - can’t say fairer than that - just need to find some interesting ways to get through a litre plus of liquorice concentrate now :laughing:

That’s all your Christmas presents sorted :joy:

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the ‘good stuff’ has arrived so will try this out tonight in an Original flavour shake - I guess it has to be used in extreme moderation though - I read somewhere that more than 20mg at a time can be detrimental to your health?

Top Up: tried the powdered pure liquorice and, as hoped, a lot less was required than the syrup - 6mg gave the same punch as 30mg of syrup.