Looking to try Huel, some questions!

Hi there,

Im a 24 yr old female, 63 kg, 5 ft 5, medium activity level looking to loose body fat.
I am thinking of doing 100% huel days maybe 5 times a week and then some but not all Huel on the other 2 days.
My diet isnt great at the moment and I think removing the options or choices of food will be easier for me to stick to rather than a diet plan. Thinking of 1000 cal per day?
Looking to do this for maybe a month then incorporate more meals when i am used to the lack of sugar ect in my diet.

Does this sound realistic or is that a bit steep to jump into 100% Huel days?
Am I likely to loose body fat (obviously having worked out calorie needs ect)?
Do people often experience hunger on 100% huel days?
How long does it generally take to get over the lack of sugar ect?

Sorry if these have been asked before!

I did pretty much the same, jumping directly into high Huel % days from a diet of mainly sugary snacks, and the occasional cooked meal.

So yes, the first question, yes it realistic to jump into Huel 100% right away, but there might be some side effects until your body adjusts. The same could be said going from a macdonalds diet to a mediteranean diet, noone will argue it’s worse for you, but there will be some side effects!

If you are taking in the same number of calories, as you expend, then no you will not lose body fat just like that. You could mix with exercise to tone up, and convert fat into muscle ( muscle burns more calories than fat) and reduce your size while staying the same weight, lowering body fat % in the process.

Feeling hunger is a weird one. I can sometimes feel full up, yet empty. It is knowing the difference that is the key. I’ve yet to feel properly hungry on Huel.

It took me around 2-3 days for the sugar to clear, and then a further 3-4 days for some other side effects (Mainly Gastro) to resolve. Now I have no side effects, but I’ve got loads of energy, motivation, and feel so much better than I did before.

My only thing to note with your 1000 calorie suggestion is that from your info, your resting calorie burn is around 2100 calories a day. a 1100 calorie deficit will make you feel very hungry, and might be hard to stick with. Especially going from a “not great” diet, you will be used to temptations, and with feeling so hungry, you’re more likely to give in.

1600 calories a day will make you lose 1lb a week, which will make you feel more full, and give you more nutrients and minerals. This will equate to around 400g of Huel a day, easily divided into 4 meals of 100g. Or a bit more ease of use, 3 meals, each of 3 slightly heaped scoops.

Hope this helps!

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@welwynd thank you for the info.

This is my opinion

  1. I suggest you work up to 100% Huel over a couple of weeks, start a one meal per day, then after say 7 days go to 2 meals, then after two week go 100%.

  2. At a 500 calorie a day deficit you should lose 1lb of fat per week.

  3. If you are on a 500 calorie decifict per day you will be hungry sometimes there is no getting around that… Whether you are Huel or any food. The good news about Huel is that it’s low GI, low in sugar, and filling, so you don’t as hungry as if you were eating sugary foods.

Just for reference on point 2 as I’ve seen this statement a few times regarding weight loss.

A 500 calorie deficit p/d (or 3500 p/w) will typically result in a body weight drop of 1lb per week. The lost weight is made up of water, muscle and fat.
Just thought it should be pointed out for anyone looking at losing weight, or more specifically, bf%.

I wish 3500 calories = 1lb of pure fat as I’d be at 8% BF and content! :persevere:

I disagree @Tom_Leppard

A 500 a day deficit will result in body fat / maybe some muscle if you are really working hard in the gym and not consuming enough protein. You will lose very close to 1lb per week

Water weight is different, you lose that by not drinking enough fluid or sweating it out.

A lot of people thing they are consuming a 500 deficit but without weighing every bit of food, drink, and counting every calorie it’s super simple to get the numbers wrong.