Making an impact

Hi guys,

Happy Monday!!

I’m one of those must post everything on social media types of people lol. I’ve connected to other Huelers and soon to be Huelers on Instagram which is very cool. I’m in alot of Facebook groups for Mast Cell Activation and Histamine Intolerance and yesterday was commenting on a feed about food as many people struggle to get the right nutrients due to so many restrictions just like I do ( did). And out of that feed, 2 people ordered a sample pack! I was so pleased as I know how much Huel has impacted my life so I thought I’d share!
I also had a friend contact me last week as a guy she trains with wants to try Huel too.

I guess my point is although in the beginning when I started raving about how cool Huel was people thought I was a bit crazy its now starting to change and others want to try it too :smiley:

Have a fab week guys! x


Thank you so much Sarah! Your support makes all the difference and we absolutely love your posts on social media, keep it up and keep recommending Huel to your friends, we really appreciate it.


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Thanks Tim!! :blush: