Meal Pot in cold environments

When using the Instant Meal Pot either in an unheated room (10C) or outside (2C) run into the problem that, by the end of the 5mins “cooking” time the water/food is a bit cold.

Are there any tips for this?

Yeah I guess I could wrap it in old socks, but that’s maybe messy and not great.

Maybe there’s some kind of full on thermos flask out there. But that’s a bit overkill.

To my mind, maybe the pot itself could be made a bit chunkier? The lid could remain the same (not looking for all-day isolation) but the walls of the pot be thicker or even double walled? Additional benefit it might feel more of a “quality experience” in the hand.

I think it’s obvious that your use case isn’t typical, and expecting the company to massively increase it’s packaging costs and usage in a time where everybody is trying to use less packaging because you don’t want to use a suitable container (probably metal) to cook the food in 2c is not realistic. A metal cooking pot with a lid from a camping shop or website should sort you out.

If you use h&S regularly bro get one of these bad boys

10% of your first order if you sign up so not unreasonably expensive and does the trick

I have a different brand but similar thing. I use it a lot and it’s good.


To keep liquids warm whilst cooking/brewing? Use a tea cosy. Or two tea cosies. Or a beanie hat. Or a cardboard box. Or stick it up your jumper.


Next week’s post from the op: “Your H&S pots are rubbish - I put one up my jumper while it was full of scalding water and now I’ve burnt my crotch off” :grimacing:


Another idea. Don’t use a kettle, heat the water in a saucepan with a lid. Then you can use the heat of the saucepan to keep your Huel warm: first pour the hot water into the Huel pot and then stand the pot in the empty saucepan while it cooks.

Afterwards you can put your feet on the saucepan to warm your toes.


Don’t forget to turn off the gas before dunking your feet in the pan…


I hope the saucepan has a level marker on the inside on where to place your feet.


Hey, thanks a lot for the great replies. Am thinking it through.

One thing that works well is a search for “thermal mug” on Amazon. These are a bit more basic than a full on thermos which looks to mean cheaper, lighter and easier to wash up.

Right now am looking at 2 stainless steel mugs with rubber lids for 21 euros on amazon germany. That’s less than a tenner each. I like the fact the lids are bung-like: a minor annoyance with the Huel pot is getting food out of the threads when washing up by hand. Can imagine these would work well for my coldest use case: a quick bite to eat by the side of the road on longer drives (whip out small camping gas stove, boil water, brew Huel instant meal whilst drinking a Huel black; finish with a Huel bar. That’s 1000kcal and works like a dream). So far this winter when I’ve done that the pasta has always been crunchy because water cooled too fast. Still great, mind you! Only trouble with these mugs is that they’re 400ml (the mostly five star comments say 380ml in practice given lid) whereas the Huel pot is 450ml, so not sure that workable.

I have a problem with the leading edges of the threads being so sharp that I tear the washing-up sponge on them. I’ve tried filing them but hasn’t made much improvement. Bung-lids sound good.