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Hi. I have been a Huel consumer for, I cant remember, how long. And there lies my problem.
Age has eroded my memory function.
So I need to ask again if I am on an exclusively Huel diet. Three meals a day and I need to consume 2000kcal per day day. A recomended medical weight loss target.
How many scoops does this equate to?
Thank you for your help.

Hiya Jonny.

A scoop is 200kcal (approx.) so you want ten of them.

But since you’ve been a customer for, well, nobody can remember, you might have one of the old style scoops. Have a look and if it’s deeper than it is wide, it’s the old one. One of those is 152kcal.


Thank you so much for your clarity and swiftness in replying.

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Great thinking David. I’ve dug out a picture we posted to help explain it.