Mexican chili - wow

Just had Mexican Chili and oh wow, it’s amazing. I prefer it to Thai green and Korma. I loving finding favourites. Also got 24 bottles of the ready to drink stuff. I can’t believe how well I feel!
Only downside of Huel is the gas :frowning: sorry to be gross but it has to be said. Yikes.

Anyone else?


Yeah. Mexican Chilli is awesome


I do like the Mexican chilli but my favourite so far is the Thai Green Curry - have yet to try the Korma but looking forward to give it a go soon.

The gas thing does seem to affect quite a few people at first. Maybe related to your stomach fauna adjusting or increased fibre intake. I have heard others say it passed (heh bad pun not intended) after the first couple of weeks.

Didn’t affect me so can’t give personal anecdotes but you’re definitely not alone. Hopefully your body will grow accustomed to it.

I also haven’t tried the RTD bottles yet (I got hooked early on Black Edition powder) but I’m curious to give it a try. What flavours did you you get and which would you recommend first? I may grab some from Sainsbury’s next week.

They sell Huel at Sainsbury’s? Wow.
I prefer the vanilla Huel black but not too keen on the RD vanilla. Chocolate RD is amazing. Feels like a treat when I have it. I haven’t tried to berry but quite keen to.

Thanks for info on the gas. My diet was dreadful before so I guess it is adjusting. I’ve been on Huel for a week and only occasionally get the gas so not too sure what the connection is.

How long have you been enjoying Huel for?

The bottles only I think but yeah I think so, there were discussions about it a while ago and I have a vague memory of seeing them.

I’ve been using huel for a while now, since sometime in the summer last year. Lost a few stone using it and just kinda keep on using it. Don’t really need to lose weight but I could do with losing body fat % and gaining muscle so it’s helpful to know I’m up there on the required protein levels with my workouts.

Kinda bounce between either 1 huel a day or 100% huel intake as my only source of food. I’m doing that act the moment because I’m saving and huel just works out a lot cheaper for me so easy to predict costs and plan ahead.

I’ll give the choccie a go if I see it, that’s the only black edition flavour I use anyway so…

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Hi I had added 1 bottle of chocolate RTD to my order to try a while ago and kept it in my fridge. I recently decided to try and it was absolutely lovely. I’ve still got the vanilla rtd but cant bring myself to try it. :sake:


Good info thanks Val! :+1:t3:

I’m so happy to read this. I’m a first timer and chose this one! (Mexican chili).

I heard the Thai curry and korma aren’t great.

Has anyone tried the sweet and sour, tomato and herb?

depends on your taste buds -they are my two favourites for taste - and the Mexican for texture.

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Oh that’s great to hear. I’ll try them when I get more.

Exactly that.
The texture for the Mexican for sure and I love the spice! I tried the korma first and was underwhelmed. I will give it another go though.


I too love Thai Green Curry and Korma but Sweet and Sour, Tomato and Herb and Mexican Chilli are not for me.


They sell bars too

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What are the bars like?
When I think it bars I think sugar, which is silly as it’s Huel so wouldn’t be overboard.

Took me a few goes to get used to the taste and texture, after that I was flying, was doing about 3 bars a day at one point lol.

Not sugary at all which is kinda the point, seems we have let our taste buds get tricked into expecting overly sweet foods. There’s a name for it I can’t recall, but anyway, part of Huel for me was rediscovering the way food actually should taste and enjoying it.

Nowadays it’s a case of “hold me back” if I see a salted or coffee caramel Huel bar lol but they aren’t sweet pensively at all.

There is sugar in Huel bars, you need it to make them less dry, it’s one of the few things that actually works in bar form.

Sorry didn’t mean to say no sugar in them, mea culpa, just that they don’t taste sugary like a crunchie or whatnot.

Actually OMG honeycomb flavoured huel bars! This needs to now happen.

Hey @Shelley! So pleased to hear you’re loving your Huel. You’ve got some great recommendations here from the squad, can’t wait to hear what you think of them. I’m a big fan of Mexican! I just found a spare pouch in my car and am going to be enjoying one for my lunch, it’s a toss-up for me between Mexican and Thai Green Curry!

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the mexican was my least favorite of the first 3 flavours as im not a fan of smoky bbq like flavours. however, its so easy to enhance, I have tried combinations of adding various things like cheese, jalapenos, coriander, lime, chopped avocados

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Yup Mexican chilli is the dogs… had madras today … not so impressed but hey that’s what food choice and preference is all about … one mans meat is another mans poison and so forth …:joy: