Mexican Chilli Flavour Hot & Savoury 🌶

OK team, you’ve waited long enough for this! Let us introduce our 3rd member of the Hot & Savoury family, you guessed it – Mexican Chilli!

Some have described the flavour as “spot on”, others have said they “f***ing love it.” It’s got a warm, smoky taste and just the right level of kick :fire:

Official Huel Chilli Scale

  • Tomato & Herb - 0
  • TGC - :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:
  • Mexican - :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

Mexican Chilli is packed with brown rice, quinoa, tomato, peppers, onion, black eyed beans, coriander, chipotle chilli flakes and of course all the nutrition you expect from us - 26 essential vitamins & minerals, 24g plant-based protein and high in fibre. Many of us at HQ are saying it’s our favourite flavour yet.

You can pick up all three flavours, or add a single pouch to an existing order or subscription.


Oh halle-frocking-lujah!


cue cheesy grin :slight_smile:


Black eyed beans. Yum.


Will be adding some to my next order.

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I totally called this.

Well that’s quite a disappointment. 2 out of 3 are chilli :hot_pepper:. Many people don’t like or eat chilli and basically they only have one option available. Hopefully new non-chilli options will be offered.

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Curry and chilli are vastly different tho mate.

I used to eat Thai Curry for years but had never had an Indian Curry. Vey different things.

If you don’t like spice that’s fair enough, for decades I didn’t think I liked spice either, but there are vast chasms between types of spices, and the difference between a curry of any kind and a chilli of any kind is huge.


Looks delicious, but serious question…

What method do I need to use to have it come out looking like the press shots?

I love spices, what I don’t like it’s spicy food. The :hot_pepper: scale (even mentioned in the first post, also known as Scoville scale) is about how spicy something is, which is related to the concentration of capsaicinoids, but has nothing to do with spices in general (things like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg or saffron).

A huge amount of people don’t like or eat spicy food (food that has a rating different than 0 or close to 0 in the Scoville scale), so I suggest Huel releases something also for these people.

I look forward to hearing some feedback on the new flavour.

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I have no doubt they will, bear in mind this is just the third flavour of a new product.

We have had loads of discussions about flavours here, hell I myself started a topic dedicated purely to that. I think a mushroom risotto was one of the big winners.

Give feedback constructively though! I honestly think (and it’s rare I would say this) that Huel actually take account of what their customers are saying.


I didn’t mean to give non constructive feedback. I’m more than happy for people who like chilly that they released this new flavour, the disappointment is that at the moment there are two flavours with chilly and only one without, so I hope they do as you say and release new non-chilly flavours soon.


Sounds tasty :smiley: I ordered some to try.

Btw, still no Huel Pots in the EU store? It will be great to have the official Huel Pot…

All consumer feedback is useful, even if not necessarily what you’d hope to hear.

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Having sampled that Huel Thai Curry for a couple of dinners now, I doubt very seriously it rates anywhere significant on the Scoville heat scale. I could test it of course, but it would hit maybe 300 in my estimation, on the absolute high end. Most products sold to the wide general public that are supposedly “spicy” are like this. Going too hot would severely limit their appeal. My fiance is one of those people that thinks ketchup is spicy, and she tried a bite of mine and had no reaction whatsoever.

Maybe give it a try first.


I will, hopefully I will like it :blush:

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risotto or even a mushroom stroganoff would be amazing.


This I like the sound of!


I’m one of those people that thinks toast is spicy