Disappointed by Hot & Savory Madras and Flavor Boosts with Black Unflavored

Hey so first of all I’m a big fan of Huel and only want to give this feedback for positive criticism. :slight_smile:

My favorite of all so far is the Green Thai Curry Hot & Savory, it’s incredibly tasty and pleasant.

So, my only 2 complaints:

  1. I also like Mexican Chilli, it’s ok, not bad, not exceptional.
    In order to experiment with the range, I ordered the Madras.
    And honestly, it taste soooooo much like Mexican Chilli I can’t even feel the difference.
    Very disappointed.

  2. I’ve tried a pouch boost of Strawberry with 2 scoops of Black Unflavored and Unsweetened, 500 ml of soy milk, blend it… and OMG… it taste like blended bread! I added ANOTHER boost, the Berry one, and still, the taste is soooo bland!
    What the heck? Wasn’t the flavor boost supposed to give it some nice taste?!
    I think I’ll use this Black Unflavored and Unsweetened with only ONE scoop now and a full Flavor Boost as a “shaker-desert” because with that taste it can’t be a meal replacement.

You should use the flavour boosts in the vanilla flavour, tastes much better. If you bought 2 bags of unflavoured you can return the unopened one

Hey there, thanks for the message. Welcome back! We appreciate the constructive feedback but obviously I’m sorry you aren’t a massive fan of the Madras, or at least that you only like it as much as the Mexican but would prefer it to taste more different than you think it does. We’ll keep an eye on comments like this as we’re always looking to improve.

The Flavour Boosts are designed to be used with Vanilla v3.0, not Unflavoured Black Edition. The sweetener in Vanilla kind of acts a bit like a flavour enhancer - like salt does in savoury foods. Flavouring + Sweetener work together. So when you only add flavouring you don’t really get much flavour. Interestingly, this is the exact reason why we don’t release our powders (v3.0/BE) with flavouring but no sweetener despite people asking - because it doesn’t taste of much.

To flavour your Black Edition UU I think you would be better off blending in some fruit or other ingredients to tweak the flavour!

Hope this helps!

What do you think of plan Black Edition U/U?