Mexican chili - wow

I love the Mexican and the Madrass.

I used to love the Thai but it’s too hit and miss fit me.

When it’s good it’s great but too often it comes out tasting wrong.

Kormas OK but didn’t like the sweet and sour.

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I tried Mexican chili and it’s my favourite out of the three I bought :heart_eyes:

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arrived 2 months ago not started it yet finished off a load of half opened stuff instead. gonna have to open it soon

I agree! Mexican is 200% in flavour, the Madras however, 10%

I just tried the Mexican Chilli today as my first Huel product and I thought it was delicious. Very impressed. Its two hours since I ate and I’m still pleasantly full too.

Can’t wait to try some other flavours too, but this one really impressed me.


Glad you’ve found the Hot & Savoury for you @_Brad! Sounds like you’re mixing the TGC and Madras together too, nice one. Mexican Chilli is seriously good though!!