Huel plus Thermobol after a week

Morning all,

A week into my Huel adventure and just increased from one meal to two (2.5 scoops each) while also using Thermobol as a metabolism enhancer and pre-workout supplement. I’m down 2.5kgs in 7 days so far and while it may be water weight given the drop in sodium intake, this is a very encouraging start.

I’m getting married in 9 months and wish to shed about 14kgs to by goal weight of 98kg (I’m 1.91m with a 26.6 BF%) and am finding that Huel is great for the shredding while being active in the gym will give me the tone that I need.

Guts have been fine although my motions have been a bit ‘chalky’. I use deactivated charcoal tablets when using protein shakes and while you will still get gassy, the charcoal gets rid of the stench!



I said I would update and here it is; Since starting Huel in August 2017 (twice a day on weekdays, once a day on weekends) and hitting the gym 3x a week I have lost 17kgs. I am absolutely astonished and must thank the Huel team for making it possible!


Good work. You set your targets and hit them. :+1:

Awesome, so you’ve smashed past the 14kgs you were aiming to lose! That’s great work.

How much do you think this was down to Thermobol and how much down to Huel/gym/other changes?

I think all have really helped in equal measure but Huel has been the main change and therefore I do think it was the main driver.

Nicely done :+1:t2:.
Will you be sticking with the Huel to ‘maintain’? Or has it done it’s job & a return to chewing on the cards? :scream_cat:

Yep, I will be. How can you not, when it has been such a life changer!