Mild belly pain?

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ten days ago I replaced 80 percent of my meals with Huel.
Since then I have then and now mild belly pain.

Did someone else had it and did it go away over time?

I use the tasteless gluten free version.

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It sounds like you may have started with too much too soon! As Huel is high in fibre, we recommend that when you start your Huel diet, you first try replacing 1 meal with Huel, and then after a while (approx. 5-7 days) you could progress to replacing 2 of your daily meals (and then 3, 4, etc. if you want to go 100% Huel). We also suggest starting off with one scoop per shake and building this up.

If you switch from one diet to another, you can experience irregular bowel movements, it’s not that the diet is bad it’s due to changes in the gut’s microbiome-based on their new food source.

Try these recommendations and see how you get on :slightly_smiling_face:


Reminds me of this


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True. Not easy.
Good meme btw. Like it.
But I prefer to be called Vegtard :grin:

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