Milk or Water for first time?

I am going to try Huel for the first time on Monday evening for dinner. I bought the Vanilla kind with the Chocolate flavor boost. I am leaning toward trying it with skim milk first due to the fact when I have tried other protein type shakes or smoothies that I didn’t like them with water, I got them down, but they just didn’t ‘seem’ right.

Guess my question is should I just try with skim milk first or give the water a shot? Just trying to make the first time the most enjoyable I can since I want to use Huel to replace my dinners, which is after evening exercise.

Also try plain the first time or add the flavor boost?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Edit: Does it matter how much liquid you use, or is just a personal preference to get the texture you want?

Water :+1: and huel without flavouring (unless it’s vanilla already)

Then once you try the water with huel you can fine tune it to your tastes … adding or tweaking things later !

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Try water first, but skimmed milk makes it absolutely heavenly. Super creamy and nice!

I use warer and a tricke of milk

I use rice milk ,its fantastic

You’ve got plenty of time and Huel to experiment with, I’d guess, so try all options. If you reckon you’ll like it best with milk, give that a go first - because you can always try with water the next time. Also try making it up in advance and chilling in the fridge for a few hours as that makes it much smoother. Have a different shake each day for a week or so and have fun scoring them. :grinning:

(For what it’s worth, I find water just fine and don’t think milk adds that much extra.)