Milk or water

I need a filling meal and I’m sure 3 scoops of Huel us better than a sandwich or a McD’s but am I okay with Milk instead of water. I use Arla Protein milk which is fat free. Thoughts?

If you’re already consuming Huel I wouldn’t deem a “protein milk” necessary. Seems like a rip off to me over regular skimmed.

Skimmed milk in Huel is delish, makes it creamy when blended.

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Yeah I’ll,go with skimmed milk, good call

I have it with full fat milk in the morning and twice later with skimmed, the creamy one is v nice but the ones with skimmed are easy to chug in one go

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No problems at all, it makes Huel a really indulgent texture and taste! Obviously you’re going to be getting adding nutrients from the milk, sugar particularly, but as long as you consider this and are fine with it then go for it! If it’s purely for changing the taste though you might find you have the same effect with 50:50 water and milk.