Milk Thistle powder addition

Hello, I need some input.
I have been using Huel for a couple of months now for breakfast and I love it. I want to expand it to lunch too but will see whether it gets boring.
I am one of the many people that suffer from non alcoholic fatty liver syndrome. One of the common supplements suggested to help with it is Milk thistle. Now I tend to forget to take the pills and I had an idea today. I was thinking of buying a bag of basically powdered milk thistle and mix it with the bag of Huel. I generally take 3-4 scoops per breakfast and I want roughly 7g of milk thistle (example of powder so roughly mix 100g of milk thistle powder with the 1.7kg bag.
What is your opinion? has anyone tried something similar? Will it affect Huel if they are sitting in the same container?

It would be pretty hard to get a standardised dose of milk thistle this way. I would stick to high quality milk thistle capsules and try really hard to remember taking them! Milk thistle needs to be taken with food/fats to be efficiently absorbed, so taking it with Huel is ideal, and if you always take it together it should be easier to remember

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