Missing parts of order

So I ordered some ready to drink huel, some powder and some flavours.
Got notified my order had dispatched, great.
Got notified my order would be delivered today, FAB!

DPD turns up, my order is missing the ready to drink, BAD.
Driver says he only has one box.

Check my orders, it says “Order dispatched”, errr, no, not all of it.

I’ve sent emails, I’m still waiting and you don’t have a phone number.
Please contact me and let me know how you intend to resolve this please, I was depending on the ready to drink for lunch for the next few weeks whilst moving to working from home…

Order #1281411

A very unhappy, Paula

Their number is 01296 678516 Paula. There is usually a live chat also but it is taken down during heavy peak times. there’s also their social media channels you can use to message them.

Sadly I got “So sorry for the delay, we’re experiencing a high demand of orders currently and so sadly some orders are taking longer than expected to be delivered”
Wish it had said that on the order page before they took the money, or even in the email notifying my order had shipped, or how about the order status on my account? but no.

Very miffed.

Also, the phone number just goes to a message saying “please contact us with your name/phone number”, so no way of actually talking to someone :frowning:

it does actually say on the product order pages:

‘Due to high demand, deliveries are currently taking up to 3-6 working days longer than usual. We apologise for any inconvenience.’

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However my order shows as “shipped”, having received only part of the order my instinct is to think the rest has been forgotten. even if it said “part shipped” I’d have not worried.

I agree. If it says shipped you would expect it to be everything and at the very least something in the carton that the rest was to follow, if not a partially shipped notification.

My last order said “It’s been despatched!” before it was shipped. It was shipped the following day, which is when I received the DPD email and it showed up in the DPD app. I received it the day after.

The account website is still in beta. Sometimes it says things that aren’t 100% accurate.

I agree that if they intentionally only sent a partial shipment, you should have been informed. If it’s a mistake, hopefully they sort it soon. :slight_smile:

Could do beta


I don’t know much about computers. It’s all Greek to me.

Really STILL shouldn’t be in beta… it’s been a while and this sort of functionality is really basic stock management.

I don’t care one iota.

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Similar issue to Paula I think. I amended my subscription renewal date and delivery address as I’m not going to be in the office for a while.

My email confirmation only included one bag. I’ve tried to contact them to ask them to amend it, haven’t heard anything back. Guess I’ll just see what turns up! Have had another crack at bringing my subscription forward too, as I was kind of hoping I’d have Huel as a backup if I need to isolate.

I suspect it’s a problem with their account page. I had trouble the last time I tried to amend flavours too.


We do apologise about this Paula, I can see you have spoken with my colleague Cam and have now received the missing RTDs.

We now offer a call back system and will make sure to get back any voicemails we receive. The reason for this is due to the high volume of email contacts we’ve received and to ensure our customers are replied to as soon as possible.

I am sorry for the delay email following this, we did try to get this up and displayed for customers as soon as possible.

Oh that’s odd, we’re so sorry about this Fraser, if you sent us an email can you please send over the ticket number or your order number and I’ll make sure to look into this for you.

Many thanks for getting in touch, I did try calling the number and it said to leave contact details, but never went to answer service, it just kept repeating “please leave you contact details” message.

I think the problem isn’t so much with the notice on the website which I appreciated, but with the ordering page. When only the powder arrived I went to the order page and it said “order shipped”, if it had said “split into two deliveries” it would have reassured me there was another delivery coming soon.

It’s resolved now, but it might be worth looking at the online system to help others.

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Oh that is really strange! I will certainly make sure this is looked into as soon as possible.

I completely understand, the feedback is appreciated and I will of course make sure to pass this on for you to see if there is anything we can do for future orders.

Thanks, it’s ticket 340373 but Lydia responded yesterday. All I’m waiting for now is my orders to be shipped - as of yesterday the order processed on Monday still hadn’t been dispatched.