Mon alcohol fatty liver disease?

I was diagnosed with this about a year ago and only recently I’ve tried to really put an effort into taking steps to reverse this, do you guys reckon Huel is ideal for something like this? I think the main thing would be losing weight to help my liver. I’m 6 ft tall at around 87kg which isn’t extreme but it’s been my diet of junk food for years that’s caused this situation. I’d like to maybe get to 80kg or so. Would replacing my dinner each night with a huel be ideal in helping this along with maybe salads or something along those lines for my other meals help this?

For weight loss the easiest way I think is to calculate how many calories you need each day for your target weight loss and then plan meals to fit. Huel can really help with this as the calorie counting is easy and there’s peace of mind about not missing out on nutrients.
Since starting with Huel I plan every meal to be around 400kc meals (Huel and non-Huel) and it’s been fine so far, seems easy to keep overall calories under control. Good luck!

Hey @kennyy - welcome to the Huel forum! :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear you are looking to see what you can do to help!

I don’t see why not! The only consideration I would note with regard to NAFLD and Huel is if you have any sodium restrictions.

As Huel is nutritionally complete, it does contain sodium to meet general recommendations per 2000 calorie intake, but as you’re thinking about including it once per day for dinner, I don’t see any cause for concern. It would mainly depend on what else you’re eating throughout the day too!

If you are also looking to lose weight, I’d suggest starting slow, make one or two changes at a time and start with a few days a week. Allow yourself to adjust to the change. You want to be sure you are creating habits you can sustain over the longer term and sudden and drastic changes tend to be hard to maintain when thinking more long term.

I hope this helps - let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns too and wishing you all the best! You’ve got this. :raised_hands:

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